Tuesday, March 21st, 2017

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So, a minor kerfuffle on Twitter last night, in which I was asked to stop talking politics, or at least to have the common decency to create another Twitter account in which I only spoke about politics, thereby saving the feelings of people who disagree with my politics and safeguarding my livelihood.


There are so very many things wrong with this, but it did make me realize that perhaps a list might be in order.

I therefore offer the list of where Sharon Lee hangs out on the internets, with commentary, so that you may choose the size that fits you.

This blog, which is mirrored at Eagles Over the Kennebec -- Combo blog, personal and professional.  Minimal, if any, political commentary.  You will, however, have to put up with cat pictures.  Some folks have complained about having to put up with cat pictures, so I feel this should be mentioned.

Twitter -- Combo stream; pointers to Liaden Universe® news, this blog, and political commentary.  Some days more commentary, some days less.

Facebook -- Combo; lots of political, historical, real-life discussion interspersed with professional news and discussion of writing/the writing life. Wide-ranging in a word, and occasionally freewheeling.

If you are a person who only wants writing and publication news from the Liaden Universe®, without any messy personal stuff, or politics, here are your options:

Welcome to Liad: Clan Korval's home on the web.  Publishing news, sneak peeks of covers, announcements of contests, Lee and Miller appearances.  That's it.

You may sign up for the Liaden Universe® InfoDump.  This emailed newsletter goes out very infrequently and includes only news, such as where to pre-order signed books, convention appearances, news of eArcs, publications, sales.  Here's your link to sign up.

If you wish to discuss the Liaden Universe® with other enthusiasts, there are several Facebook groups available to you:

Clan Korval

Flaran Cha'menthi

Friends of Liad

There you are.  Choose wisely, choose well.

Oh, and hey!  Have a cat picture:

Counter-clockwise: Sprite, Sharon, Belle, Trooper. Photo by Steve Miller

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