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Check the list below to find out if you're a winner, and then come on back to the top for the methodology and instructions for collecting your code.

The Methodology:  The names of all contestants were written on slips of paper, which were folded and placed into a Duro 6 brown paper bag, manufactured on Jul 26 14, serial number EL 26 B.  The open top edge of the paper bag was folded over, twice, and vigorously shaken.  Trooper then rubbed his cheek over the bag's exterior, for luck.

Famous SciFi Author Steve Miller, dressed in a glittery red sequined dress, with matching red high heels then tantalizingly withdrew ten slips of paper from the bag, reading each name in a sultry, yet innocent, voice, much to the approval of Sprite, who was watching from her perch on the file cabinet.

I took those ten slips of paper and compiled the list below.

How to collect your prize: If you are, indeed, one of the lucky winners listed below, this is what you need to do to receive your coupon code.

1.  Write to me at sharonleeATkorvalDOTcom from an email address where you regularly receive mail.  Tell me which name on the list below is yours.

2.  Do #1 above BEFORE noon EDT on Friday, September 19 -- that's this Friday!

3.  If I still have coupon codes in hand at Noon-O-One on Friday, September 19, I will post another list here, of second-tier winners, with instructions for claiming the prizes.

That's it.


EDITED TO ADD:  One lucky winner had forgotten, in her enthusiasm, that she already owned a copy of Carousel Sun.  She has asked that her code be given to someone else.  Sprite was pressed into service and pulled one! more! slip of paper from the paper bag, and the name of the new winner has been added to the list below.

The Lucky Winners

1. Elizabeth Moon
2.  Dawnmoonflower
3.  Alain Roy
4.  Danielle E.
5.  Elaine Walker
6.  Kathy Ferrando
7.  Tina Black
8.  Bobbie Marcus
9.  Susan Kelly
10.  Joyslin

Steve would not let me take a picture of him in his sexy gown, here's a picture of Trooper, instead:

Trooper oversees the selection of winners
Trooper oversees the selection of winners

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Well, Audible has kindly provided me with ten codes that, in the right hands, will each automagically become a free Carousel Sun audiobook.

All I have to do is figure out how to get them into the right hands.

So!  Here's what we're going to do.

My birthday is this coming Thursday.  You know and I know that what I'll be doing on my birthday is slaving over a hot manuscript, but! that begs the Important Question, which is. . .

What OUGHT I to be doing on my birthday?

Plan my birthday celebration for me in comments here!  Top ten celebrations each win one of these codes good for a free audiobook of Carousel Sun, the sequel to Carousel Tides; the second book in the Archers Beach Trilogy by Sharon Lee!

Contest closes at 12:01 am EDT on Friday, September 12.

Given that I will be slaving over a hot manuscript, let's say that I'll award the prizes by Sunday, September 14.

Have at it!

(no subject)

Tuesday, August 26th, 2014 02:32 pm
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The title says it all: The audio edition of Carousel Sun, the second book in Sharon Lee's Archers Beach trilogy, is now available from Audible. Here's your link.
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Elisabeth Rodgers, the artist who narrated Carousel Tides, will be narrating Carousel Sun.  She writes that she's preparing to go into the studio, and is listening to Carousel Tides to refamiliarize herself with Archers Beach and all the characters who live there.

Five Minutes of Fame

Tuesday, May 6th, 2014 02:28 pm
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Locus arrived today, and I find that Carousel Sun, by Sharon Lee, has landed the coveted fourth place (out of a possible five) in the Trade Paperback Bestseller List.  Thanks to everyone who made this possible!

While I was in town, I stopped at Framemakers and picked up the framed cover painting of Carousel Seas, which is out of reason gorgeous.  If I manage to get it hung up with its sisters this afternoon, I'll post a picture of the entire happy family.

And that's what's doin' in East Winslow.

Hope your Tuesday is swell.

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I will answer questions about the Carousel Sun podcast (here) and other questions about the Archers Beach books.  Not all the questions, but, just maybe, your question.  You won't know until you ask, so -- ask!

I've screened the comments so they are only visible to the Woman Behind the Curtain.

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This is a continuation and expansion of a discussion started over on Facebook, which was kickstarted by this summary of Carousel Sun:

Urban fantasy novel, sequel to Carousel Tides (2010), about a woman who returns to a small town in Maine and becomes involved in a faerie war. (Locus Monitor -- New Books, 4 February)

There are a couple of things wrong with the above.  Most notably, Carousel Sun isn't Urban Fantasy, because it takes place in Maine, and it does not take place in Bangor, Lewiston-Auburn, or Portland, which are the three "urban" areas in the whole state, according to the Federal Government.

I'm also wondering where they got this "faerie war."

We thought we'd be OK by calling the Carousel books "contemporary fantasy," but apparently "contemporary fantasy" means something Very Definite to some people.  (To me, "contemporary fantasy" means "a fantasy story that takes place Right Now.")

So, I've been giving some thought to how best to describe these books, as much in order to guide readers who would like this kind, as warn away those readers who come in thinking they're getting A Specific Thing that the books don't deliver.  (Like, oh, "faerie wars.")

Now, the best I can come up with as a sub-genre is "mundane fantasy." Kate, after all, doesn't get a free pass on anything for being Guardian -- it's Added Responsibility for which she goes uncompensated (cue Superman's Song). Fercryinoutloud, Gaby collects returnables, and I don't see Borgan flyin' no yacht. Felsic's crew -- wait, do you guys have Felsic yet? Anyhow, it's not like any of these folks are living high in the fancy condos; they're working people, doing their jobs.

So, like I said: "mundane fantasy" or maybe "blue collar" fantasy, though there has been some concern expressed that, while these come close, they don't quite Nail It.

Summing up, the points for discussion are:

1.  What are your expectations of "contemporary fantasy"

2.  If you had to tighten the classification for the Carousel books (Tides and Sun), what phrase would you use?  Please try to avoid spoilers for the books.

Have at it!

Let's Dance

Tuesday, February 4th, 2014 09:04 am
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Today! is the Official Release Day of the trade paper edition of Carousel Sun, by Sharon Lee, the second in what Baen is calling the Carousel series. This means that the folks who waited patiently through eArc and electronic releases now get their turn.  Sun may be purchased anywhere paper books are sold.  If it's not on the shelf, don't be shy: ask the bookstore to order it in!

And remember!  If you'd like a signed copy, your source; your single source, is Uncle Hugo.

Carousel Seas, the final book in the Carousel Trilogy, is due to be published early next year in Fall 2014.

* * *

In other bookish news, we hear from a Reliable Source that Trade Secret hit the Number One slot in the Locus Bestseller Hardcover List for November 2013, reported in the February 2014 issue.  Thank you all!

* * *

And, just to give you a little taste of what's coming in Carousel Seas, here's a sneak peek at the cover art:

Carousel Seas

Cover art for Carousel Seas, by Sharon Lee, Fall 2014
Art by Eric Williams

So, that's two FOUR reasons to dance!  Who has some more?

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1.  Many thanks to everyone who donated to Liaden Universe® story, "The Rifle's First Wife," and to Splinter Universe.  Here's the link, for those who haven't read the story, yet.  And here's the link to a discussion of our plans for the site.  Both pieces may be read for free; donations are appreciated, not mandatory.

2.  Speaking of reading for free, "The Gift of Music," set in Archers Beach, Maine, is available at  Go here and scroll down.  Scrolling down is key.

3.  In answer to the several. . .concerned emails asking whether or not we're working on the next Liaden book -- yes.  Yes, we are.

4.  The electronic edition of Carousel Sun, the sequel to Carousel Tides, is now available directly from Baen and from your favorite ebook vendor.  The trade paperback won't be released by Amazon or BN until February 4, but!  Uncle Hugo's has signed copies available right now.  Here's your link.

5.  It's a bright and sunshine-y 1F/-17C outside at the moment, and I need to go into town.  Everybody stay warm.

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The title says it all.  Here's some links to get you started:

Baen (all formats known on land and sea)

BN/Nook (epub)

Amazon/Kindle (mobi)

This also means that!  If you've previously read the eArc, you may now post a review on Amazon.  And of course, once you've read this edition, you may post a review, too.

OK, I'll be quiet now, so y'all can read.

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1.  In light of Mozart's continued ill health, I will not be attending Boskone.  Steve is still planning to attend.  If Mozart takes a amazing turn for the better, I'll come down with him and cut a swath through the dealer's room, but at this point, that's not the way the smart money bets.  Y'all have a good time for me.

2.  "The Gift of Music," by Sharon Lee is available to be read, obligation-free, at  "Gift" takes place in Archers Beach, Maine.

3.  The Compleat List of Baen Hugo Eligible Works published by Baen authors is here.

4.  All pre-ordered signed and/or personalized copies of Carousel Sun have been mailed.

5.  Have I mentioned how very, very fond I am of this song?

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Today! Jasmine Sprite, Princess of the Night, Warrior Princess of East Winslow, Nemesis of the Springs, Scourge of Lizards, Professor of Centrifugal Studies, and Brat, celebrates the conclusion of her second month, and the beginning of her third month of residency at the Cat Farm and Confusion Factory.

All hail, Princess Sprite.

Coincidentally, today also sees the publication of "The Gift of Music" at, at noon EST. The story may be read for free, no sign-ups, no fees.  Sprite thinks this is part of her Royal Celebrations, and we're just letting her think that, OK?

If you like the story, feel free to pass the link on to friends, and others who partake of fantasy and science fiction.

Now, here's a picture of the Princess, to tide y'all over until noon, when the story publishes:

The Princess is IN  SMALL

This Just In

Tuesday, January 14th, 2014 02:54 pm
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Baen is running an ad for Carousel Sun in PW!  I am chuffed, I am.

In fact, I'm soooo pleased, I'm going to give y'all a sneak peak:

CarouselSunPW 2CarouselSunPW

Watch the skies!

Monday, January 13th, 2014 09:15 pm
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The Uncle reports that all (but four) of the pre-ordered, signed and/or personalized copies of Carousel Sun have shipped as of noon, today-Monday.

If you preordered a copy, it should be with you very soon now.

Thanks again to everyone who took the time to preorder!

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Well, let's see. . .

1.  You still have time to pre-order signed copies of Carousel Sun from Uncle Hugo's.  Here's the link.  Uncle Hugo's is the only bookstore offering autographed copies of Carousel Sun.  They have autographed copies of some of our other work in stock, as well.

2.  I supported Doug Thornsjo's Kickstarter campaign, and just before Christmas, received my Majors deck of the Tarot of the Zirkus.  These cards are amazing.  Provocative art, good hand-feel and weight, slightly larger than my favorite deck, The Halloween Tarot.  Take a look at the on-going project, and buy a deck for yourself, here.

3.  Mozart continues to make gains.  He's eating wet cat food again, not just beef baby food, is sleeping well, and taking an interest in the various projects going on around him.  Thanks to everyone for your good wishes.

4.  There's been some question about the release dates of upcoming publications.  This is what we know:
January 7Liaden Universe® Constellation, Volume 2, trade paper
January 15:  "The Gift of Music," free to read on
February 4: Carousel Sun, trade paper
March 7: Necessity's Child, mass market
Early 2015Carousel Seas, trade paper

5.  I wish to report that it is not snowing!  It is, however, Pretty Darn Cold (for the purposes of this discussion, PDC is 3F/-16C).

Blustery Friday

Friday, January 3rd, 2014 09:19 am
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Man it's cold.  Also, it snowed.  Not, thank ghod, very much; somewhere over Massachusetts, the wind got tired of toting All That Weather, and let it go all at once.  I hear they expect to have Boxford dug out by August.

Up here at the Cat Farm, we have about six inches/15cm of light, broomable snow.  We have officially lost the bottom two stairs in the flight from the driveway to the deck.  If it snows any more, we'll lose the third.  I expect that Snowplow Hill (being the hill made by the snowplow when it pushes all the snow from the driveway into one place) to come even with the decking today.

With the exceptions of sweeping whatever more snow settles on the deck and the remaining steps, and moving the cars for the plowman, when he cometh, I believe I'll stay in.

What with the various catmergencies, I have been remiss in letting the world know that my author's copies of Carousel Sun have arrived; and they're beautiful! I'm guessing that means I can look for the pre-ordered books for Uncle Hugo soon -- perhaps even today!

I have in hand from the Uncle a list of the people who wanted their books personalized, with personalizations, so that part of Our Clever Plan worked out Just Fine.  Thank you all!  And remember, you can still pre-order signed copies of Carousel Sun, right here.

Mozart thanks everyone for their well-wishes; he has been having some gooshy food, in-between naps, and seems generally pleased to be home.  Even if Sprite wants to sleep on his head.

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As I type this, Central Time Zone Midnight is a bare eight hours away.  If you've been putting off pre-ordering your signed-and-personalized copy of Carousel Sun by Sharon Lee --- procrastinate no longer. Go here, place your order, and type your requested personalization into the "Special Instructions" box.  It's that easy.

This has been your Final, the Ultimate, reminder on this topic.

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You have only until midnight Central Time on Tuesday December 31, 2013 to order a signed-and-personalized copy of Carousel SunHere’s the link.

You may order signed (but not personalized) copies until Uncle Hugo’s runs out, but do you really want to run the risk of not getting your copy?  Here’s that link again.

If you're coming in late and have no idea What This is All About, though you of course must have a signed personalized copy of my entire ouevre -- here's the original post, Detailing All.

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Lotsa stuff doing today, including deliveries promised between 10 and 2 (cue laugh track), so I'm going to be scarce.  The discussion of immortality is raising some interesting points -- thank you!

I did want to remind everyone that, if you want a signed-and-personalized copy of Carousel Sun, projected smash contemporary fantasy hit of 2014, your time is running out!  You have until midnight, US Central Time, on December 31, 2013 -- that's Tuesday! -- to pre-order your book.

Here’s the bullet-point version:

* You may now pre-order a signed copy of Carousel Sun (as well as many other Lee and Miller books) from Uncle Hugo’s Bookstore via this link

*You may also, for a limited time, have your pre-ordered signed book personalized. “Personalized” means you ask the author to write something special on the title page in addition to their name.  These can be as simple as, “To Marge,” and as complex as “To Marge in memory of that night in Seattle.”  Fair Warning: I, as the Signing Author reserve the right not to inscribe a book with a personalization I find to be, in my sole judgment:  (1) offensive, (2) too long, (3) anything else.  You will use the Special Instructions box on the order form to write out your personalization — Please check your spelling, ’cause I’m going to assume that you’ve typed it out exactly as you want it.

*There is a deadline involved if you want your pre-ordered signed copy of Carousel Sun personalized.  That deadline is December 31, 2013.  So you need to do this now.

*There will only be a limited number of signed copies of Carousel Sun available, they will only be available through Uncle Hugo’s SF Bookstore in Minneapolis.  The exact number of signed copies available depends upon how many are pre-ordered.  So, sooner is better than later to order, if you want a signed copy.

*Here’s the link again.

*The Uncle is doing me — and you! — a pretty substantial favor here, so please be courteous.  And while you’re at the Lee-and-Miller book page that the link above leads to, take a few minutes to look around.

Thanks very much for  your interest and support.

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