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So!  We now have a chimney.  Which is good.  Tomorrow, we will have a working chimney, which will be Even Better.

Trooper has been a Hero of the Revolution, making sure he's with Steve or me, serving as back-up against the Noises and the Strangers.  Scrabble and Sprite have taken cover in various spots, and come out cautiously at quiet times, like when the crew takes lunch, or a rest break.  Sprite had been sequestered in the bedroom closet, but she vacated when we removed all the Stuff, so one of the guys could get up into the crawlspace/attic (the hatch for same being in the closet ceiling) to finish the joins up properly.

This has all happened despite the rain, which was amazingly heavy this morning when I went out to deposit the April royalty checks and the on-signing money.  The royalty statements always make for intriguing reading -- I see that Necessity's Child continues to be an unexpectedly strong seller and that, in general, ebooks tend toward providing half of our income on each book. I'm also. . .pleased to see that our biggest seller, from June - December 2014, was Liaden Universe® Constellation, Volume 2.

The real standout, though?

Carousel Tides, published in November 2010, has earned out.  Yes!  I got a royalty check!  *fist-pump*.  And Carousel Sun only has about $1,800 to earn out, so, who knows, I may see another check in the October royalty payment.

Moving back to the construction crew for a moment, and their projected finish date of tomorrow -- Steve and I are scheduled to go down to New Hampshire to pick up Belle on -- wait for it -- Thursday.

Except there's a big hole in the wall at the end of the hall.  By which I mean that there is no wall in the back of the hall, only a view of the new chimney.

We've been keeping the cats out of this Interesting Space by placing screens in front of the hole, but we haven't been leaving them alone with it, either.  So, now the questions arise:  (1) should we get the sheetrock guy in on Thursday, which means I stay home and Steve drives south, or (2) should we try to get the sheetrock guy on Thursday, find out that he's busy until the middle of next week (the likeliest scenario), and I stay home to keep the cats from experimenting with the Interesting Space while Steve drives south?

Perplexing questions, indeed.

But, hey!  We'll have a chimney tomorrow, which means also that we'll be able to turn the furnace on.  Hot water will happen!

In the midst of chaos, and noise, and cat trauma, I have been. . .reading, mostly.  Almost through Kerry Greenwood's Devil's Food, the third? Corinna Chapman novel, and enjoying myself immensely.

Let's see, what else?

Oh, for those interested in such things, Smart Bitches, Trashy Books has just posted a lovely, thoughtful review of Local CustomHere's your link.

Also!  Remember that Uncle Hugo's is taking pre-orders for signed and/or personalized copies of Liaden Universe® Constellation, Volume 3.  Here's your link for instructions, deadlines, and Table of Contents.

. . .and I think that's all I got.

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As promised earlier, the outtake from Carousel Tides is up at Splinter Universe, with a Bonus Teaching Moment.  Here's your link.
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Were you one of the folks who wanted an Archers Beach t-shirt, but the cash-flow wasn't cooperating?

Or!  Having received your t-shirt, are you regretting not having purchased a second?

If so, I can help you.

Going by the radio silence, everyone who ordered t-shirts  received theirs, so there's no need for me to hold onto the "if something gets lost in the mail" shirts any longer.

EDITED: I have the following quantities and sizes:
If you are interested in obtaining one of these really beautiful (and useful!) t-shirts, please drop me a note at rolanniATkorvalDOTcom.

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Sigh.  Every so often, someone will ask me how many books we've published -- or even, how many Liaden books we've published.  And when that happens, I usually gabble out a number that's more or less in the ballpark, I think, because who the heck knows how many books we've seen published?  Certainly not me.

Well, today, because I was writing a press release, I definitively needed to know for myself how the heck many books are out there with a Lee-and-Miller byline on the cover, so I made a list.

And I still got it wrong.

So, I'm going to ask you all to help me out.  Here's the list:

1. Agent of Change (1988)
2. Conflict of Honors (1988)
3. Carpe Diem (1989)
4. Plan B (1998)
5. Local Custom (2001)
6. Scout's Progress (2001)
7. I Dare (2002)
8. The Tomorrow Log (2003)
9. Balance of Trade (2004)
10. Crystal Soldier (2005)
11. Crystal Dragon (2006)
12. Sword of Orion (2006)
13. Duainfey (2008)
14. Longeye (2009)
15. Fledgling (2009)
16. Saltation (2010)
17. Mouse and Dragon (2010)
18. Ghost Ship (2011)
19. Dragon Ship (2012)
20. Necessity's Child (2013)
21. Trade Secret (under contract)

22. Barnburner (2002)
23. Gunshy (2006)
24. Carousel Tides (2010)
25. Carousel Sun (under contract)
26. Carousel Seas (under contract)

Check me now:

I make this (now) to be:
20 Lee-and-Miller novels turned in and scheduled/published
16 Liaden novels turned in and scheduled/published
19 Lee-and-Miller novels published by the end of 2012
15 Liaden books published by the end of 2012
4 collaborative non-Liaden novels
1 Liaden book under contract

Sharon has:
3 books published under her byline:
2 mysteries
1 contemporary fantasy
2 contemporary fantasy books under contract

Is this correct?

This is a relatively modest list of publications.  I am a relatively bright woman.  You'd think I could keep this straight. . .

In other news, and as reported above, I spent today writing press releases and doing some other bidness-of-writing stuff.  Shortly, I will declare quitting time and go read.

Yesterday?  I packed t-shirts.  All of the US orders will go into the mail tomorrow morning.  While I'm at the post office, I will pick up the various customs forms for mailing the overseas orders, which I hope to mail on Tuesday.

Also?  Here's a picture of Socks:

Silversocks at home, July 22, 2012
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First, the Reminder:

You have until 12 midnight Eastern Daylight Time tomorrow, Saturday, June 30 to order your Carousel Tides t-shirt.  Here's everything you need to know.  If you put a check in the mail and have not previously told me this, do it now, at rolanniATkorvalDOTcom.  Please include the size of the t-shirt you're ordering.

Now, the Progress Report:

So far, you guys have ordered 97! t-shirts.  That's awesome!

rolanni: (Yay!)

We’ve made the minimum order, folks.  Thank you so much!

T-shirt orders open through June 30.  Details here

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We have information! We have color! We have sizes, and a price!

Because the mock-ups at Black Dog Graphics fade after a few hours, y’all are going to have use your imaginations to put the pieces together.

Here is the shirt. The color is sky, a very bright blue. It is not a ringer tee. This is because ringer tees only go up to 2X, and there was a repeated request for sizes “as large as possible.” For the purposes of Black Dog, that is 5X and the shirt chosen does go from SM-5XL.

This is the gorgeous artwork that will go on the back of the t-shirt.

These are the words that will go on the left breast of the shirt, roughly where the pocket would be on a polo shirt.

The cost of the shirt will be $19, plus $5 shipping within the US and Canada.  International shipping continues to be. . .random, so we’ll have to figure those on an order by order basis.

This is going to be a bootstrap operation — which is to say, I’ll need to have pre-payment with firm orders, just like we did for the original Plan B t-shirts, ‘way back before the rocks cooled.  Once the individual orders are in, I’ll place the large order with Black Dog, then ship from kitchen table.

I’ll leave the ordering open through June 30.  Which is to say, on July 1, you will not be able to order a t-shirt.

By the Numbers:

1.  There is only one color shirt on offer, as above, in sizes from (US) Small to 5XL

2.  If are not a resident of either the US or Canada, you need to write to me before making your order, so we can work out the postage.  You may write to me at rolanniATkorvalDOTcom

3.  You may use the PayPal button below to order.  If you would rather not, you may send me a check via snail-mail.  The check must be in US funds drawn on a US bank, and be made out to Sharon Lee, PO Box 1586, Waterville Maine 04903

4.  If the minimum number of shirts required to make an order with Black Dog is not reached, I will refund the money to those people who did order.

5.  You are pre-ordering, or subscribing, to this t-shirt.  That means it will be some number of weeks between the placing of the order and the arrival of a t-shirt in your mailbox.  PayPal will charge your credit card as soon as you hit that button, so please do understand what you’re doing.

. . .I think that’s everything.  Thank you all for your support and encouragement.

6. Nope. That’s not everything. PayPal is NOT at the moment adding in the postage. I’m working on it. The problem with the postage not showing up on the invoice should now be fixed. Thanks to everyone who brought it to my attention.

T-shirt ordering is now closed.  Thanks very much to everyone who supported this project!

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The weatherbeans are calling for minus 1F (-18C) tonight, which I think is as cold as it’s been all winter. Fierce wind blowing, too.

*cue WC Fields*

So, the redlining is over. Tomorrow, I need to make the changes in the manuscript. I did take a slightly wrong turn at the very end of the pages I have written, so I’ll be fixing that, and then zooming on toward the finish line.

Uh, yeah.

In other news, The Galveston Daily News reviews Carousel Tides, and Steve is proposing a fun new project for Splinter Universe. His Facebook post is reproduced below, for those who don’t FB:

Coming attractions …

I have, these last few days, been going over a curiosity we may be sharing on Splinter Universe starting in a day or two — and possibly stretching out over a couple weeks.

To explain –

We’ve discovered some old “exercises” of mine that grew into a number of strands of a story that never quite got finished, and for good cause. If I recall the period properly I’d been working on this when my job got crazy and I’d ended up working 10 to 12 hours a day, 7 days a week, for some months. That ended when I had back problems so bad I spent over a week flat on my back with muscle relaxants making motion possible ….

And what I was fiddling with was Miri, and Ichliad Brunner, and Klamath. The pages we have are, alas, not exactly numbered — and there were tries and retries, and angles. At this distance I can’t recall which were first and second ….

So my idea is that I’ll scan the apparent strands in, one by one, and post the strands on Splinter Universe, and we can all take a look (perhaps you more than me since I also have Jethri on the line) and see if we can work out what might have been the proper story line … and who knows, maybe we’ll see if something more should be done with what’s there, given that, in effect, we’ve already finished some of the story through the joys of Misfits.

If you want to know what a work in progress can look like from the wrong side of the lens, this will be your chance, assuming anyone is interested.

How say ye?

Everybody stay warm.

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We’re very close to the one-year anniversary of the release of Carousel Tides.  And, over the last week, I’ve received several nice notes asking is there/when will there be a sequel to Carousel Tides.  The answer to that question is, no/I don’t know.

I did submit proposals for two additional books, and the reply from Baen was, reasonably enough:  Let’s wait to see how Carousel Tides does.

So, we’re waiting.  Royalty statements are due at the end of the month — the first royalty statement in which Carousel Tides will make an appearance — and we may all be better informed RSN.


Once again, please, please, please, I beg of you — do not send us story ideas, novel wish lists or requests that the plotlines go in a certain direction.  Just. . .please don’t.

If you cannot restrain yourself, and send such a thing?  Please don’t expect any sort of response, because as soon as I realize what the content is, I delete the message.


Here ends the PSAs.  We now return you to your regulary-scheduled blog, already in progress.

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Warning: May contain spoilers for Carousel Tides.

I’d been meaning to get into That File Cabinet Down There for a while now, to look for something I’ll tell you about later. I found what I was looking for, and also a Vixen the Slayer t-shirt, which I wasn’t necessarily looking for, but not not looking for, either.



I also found, the first outline — no. The first jotted down notes and concepts for the book that became Carousel Tides, which I reproduce here, as an Exercise.

    Drug Runners
    Goose Rocks
    Stratton Island
    Kite store run by Chinese family (water dragon)
    Keltic Knot [roller coaster]

*The selkies base is Stratton Island

*The dragon’s secret is on Goose Rocks

*The drug runners are using the selkies to transport the dope. The prince of the selkies is a friend of the Dragon’s who has fallen out with her over — something

*The Dragon isn’t interested in the drug runners until they kill someone under her protection

*The Tiger is the new kid on the block of whom the Dragon is both suspicious & attracted

the fire in 1969 started in the merry-go-round at the entrance to the old pier July 18 1969

Borgan  aka Andre Borgan

Bonny Pepperidge
Tupelo – Black Gum – Sour Gum – Pepperidge -
Nyssa Sylvatica


Well. That’s pretty close, innit?

And now, to the sofa!

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Originally posted by [ profile] unclehugo_edgar at November Bestsellers at Uncle Hugo's
More info about these titles on our website:

Barrayaran Imperial Auditor Lord Miles Naismith Vorkosigan is top seller for a second month, and no other book this year is going to come anywhere near matching those sales. Thanks, Lois!

Bujold, Lois McMaster - Vorkosigan #13: Cryoburn (Baen HC, $25.00, 1st Edition, Signed by the author on the title page)
Jordan, Robert / Sanderson, Brandon - Wheel of Time #13: Towers of Midnight (Tor HC, $29.99, 1st Edition)
Cook, Glen - Instrumentalities of the Night #3: Surrender to the Will of the Night (Tor HC, $27.99, 1st Edition)
Butcher, Jim - Dresden Files: Side Jobs: Stories from the Dresden Files (Roc HC, $25.95, 1st Edition)
Pratchett, Terry - Discworld YA #5: I Shall Wear Midnight (Harper Collins HC, $16.99, Later Printing, Ages 12 and up)
Willis, Connie - All Clear (Spectra HC, $26.00, 1st Edition)
McKinley, Robin - Pegasus (Putnam HC, $18.99, 1st Edition, Ages 12 and up)
Stirling, S.M. - Change #7: The High King of Montival (Roc HC, $25.95, 1st Edition, Signed by the author on the title page)

Lee, Sharon - Carousel Tides (Baen TPB, $14.00, 1st Edition)
Willis, Connie - Blackout (Spectra TPB, $16.00, Reprint of 2010 HC)
Adams, John Joseph (editor) - Federations (Prime Books TPB, $14.95, 1st Edition, Signed by Lois McMaster Bujold)
Gaiman, Neil (writer) / McKean, Dave (illustrator) - The Graveyard Book (Harper Collins TPB, $7.99, Reprint of 2008 HC, Ages 9 and up)
Jemisin, N.K. - Inheritance #2: The Broken Kingdoms (Orbit TPB, $13.99, 1st Edition)

Cook, Glen - Garrett PI #13: Gilded Latten Bones (Roc PB, $7.99, 1st Edition)
Niven, Larry / Lerner, Edward M. - Ringworld Prequel #3: Destroyer of Worlds (Tor PB, $7.99, Reprint of 2009 HC)
Briggs, Patricia - Aralorn #2: Wolfsbane (Ace PB, $7.99, 1st Edition)
Shepherd, Mike (aka Moscoe, Mike) - Kris Longknife #8: Redoubtable (Ace PB, $7.99, 1st Edition)
Pratchett, Terry - Discworld #32: Unseen Academicals (Harper PB, $7.99, Reprint of 2009 HC)
Ringo, John - Troy Rising #1: Live Free or Die (Baen PB, $7.99, Reprint of 2010 HC)
Correia, Larry - Monster Hunter #2: Vendetta (Baen PB, $7.99, 1st Edition, Signed by the author on the title page)
McDevitt, Jack - Time Travelers Never Die (Ace PB, $7.99, Reprint of 2009 HC)
Carey, Mike - Felix Castor #4: Thicker Than Water (Orbit UK PB, $8.99, Reprint of 2009 HC)
Kadrey, Richard - Sandman Slim #1: Sandman Slim (Eos PB, $7.99, 1st Mass Market Printing, Reprint of 2009 HC, Signed by the author on the title page)
Briggs, Patricia - Aralorn #1: Masques (Ace PB, $7.99, 1st Thus (revised from 1993 edition))
Brown, Eric - Guardians of the Phoenix (Solaris PB, $7.99, 1st Edition)
Jerome, Celia (aka Metzger, Barbara) - Trolls in the Hamptons (DAW PB, $7.99, 1st Edition)
Monk, Devon - Allie Beckstrom #5: Magic at the Gate (Roc PB, $7.99, 1st Edition)

book cover: Vorkosigan #13: Cryoburn by Lois McMaster Bujold book cover: Carousel Tides by Sharon Lee book cover: Garrett PI #13: Gilded Latten Bones by Glen Cook

Back to bidness

Wednesday, November 3rd, 2010 07:58 pm
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I just now emailed the corrected! and expanded! Ghost Ship to Toni at Baen.  Hopefully, that’s got everything.  Doubtless, we’ll hear, if not.

In the meantime, I want to write!  Yes.  Yes, I do.  Unfortunately, what I want to write is probably not the next thing I ought to write, though it is one of the projects currently under discussion. And, honestly?  What I ought to really be doing is the bookkeeping.  Before it achieves sentience.


It can’t hurt to just noodle out a couple pages of Teh Shiny, right?  While we’re between contracts and all?

Yeah, I’m doomed.

Carousel Tides looks to be doing well for itself — Number Two bestselling trade paperback at Uncle Hugo’s for October! *is chuffed*.

If you’ve read the book, please do consider posting a review on Amazon, BN, Goodreads, LibraryThing, or, yanno, your website or journal.  Word of mouth is a Powerful Force for Good.

Fans of the day-job will be delighted to learn that it has graduated to Mad Scramble, where it will remain, breaking all-too-briefly for Yuletide, before shifting into high gear.

Mozart is sitting on the desk at my left hand, purring.  I think he’s happy to have All Those Papers out of his way.

Steve is in the kitchen, building grilled cheese sammiches.

Mmmmm, grilled cheese.

What small pleasure are you enjoying this evening?

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For them what indulges, the Carousel Tides audiobook is now available here!

Release Day!

Tuesday, November 2nd, 2010 06:03 am
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Today is the Official Release Day for Carousel Tides!

I’m proud of you, young book!  Go forth and do great things!

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Short form:  Carousel Tides has been sent off into the world in style, and!  I had a blast.

Photos follow.

We were on the top floor at the Sea View, and the views were spectacular:

from the Sea View top floor

Looking toward Cape Elizabeth

Room with a view two

Looking out to sea

Street View

The Galaxi and the Pier

As if this wasn’t enough fun, we had a party, too!

Carousel Tides Launch at Beggar's Ride

Carousel Tides Launch at Beggars Ride

Steve Miller, Leith ter'Meulen, Sharon Lee

We had folks come up to Old Orchard Beach from such far-flung places as Alabama, Virginia, Maryland (by proxy), New York, Massachusetts, and South Portland.  Jeanne at Beggar’s Ride was an elegant hostess, the buffet from Roma was to die for, I got to talk to a lot of people and signed bunches of books.

A success, by anyone’s accounting.

Home now, car unloaded, cats placated.  Tired.

Thanks again to everyone who took time to come to the party — and a blessed Samhain to all.

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This is the fifth and last day of the Carousel Tides Snippet Fest, sponsored by Baen Books! More snippety goodness to follow.

Tall and thin, with fly-away blond hair – absolutely unmemorable, except for one thing. She was pointing a gun at my chest.

“No,” I said. “They’re high-handed because they’re from the Land of the Flowers, and you’re not.”

“Woman jumps off the Pier to get between bullets and a seal, you think they’re gonna send the Rescue? Just in case?

“That bullet we dug out of your arm at personal pain to yourself?” “Yah?” I agreed warily. He looked owlish. “It’s silver.”

“Trust me, you don’t want to hear that story.” He grinned. “Actually, I do. After all, it’s got a happy ending.”

One week of snippets is now completed; thank you for your kind attention. Remember! Carousel Tides hits the stands November 2, from Baen!

* * *

Here ends Day Five of the Epic Carousel Tides tweet-a-thon.  Thank you for playing along!

If you’re in or around Old Orchard Beach this evening between 7 and 9 stop by the Seaview for the Carousel Tides warm up reception.  Look for the starry balloons!

Tomorrow is the Big Book Launch Party at Beggar’s Ride, 39 Old Orchard Street from 7 – 9 p.m.  Looking forward to seeing you there!

Carousel Tides can be ordered from, from BN, your local independent bookstore, or download it electronically from Baen Webscriptions.

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Welcome to the penultimate day of the Carousel Tides Grand Snippet Adventure, sponsored by Baen Books. Snippets beginning in 3…2…1…

“Hair of the dog,” he said, pressing the flask into my hand. “Drink up, matey; this draught’ll make a man of ye!”

“It was an Ozali who came. Who, I cannot say. He had woven a glamour about himself, but he could not mask the odor of High Magic.”

Googin Rock lay before me, flames flickering hungrily beneath the black, bladed surface.

“That’s nice,” Borgan murmured. “Yes,” I managed to say calmly, “it is. But it’s only glamor.”

My right foot went into the cup of Borgan’s hands, there was a moment of lift, and I was airborne, the land wailing inside my head.

The willie, possibly believing it was about to witness a new and exciting form of suicide, spun closer.

* * *

Here ends Day Four of the Epic Carousel Tides tweet-a-thon.  Tune in bright and early tomorrow for the next installment!

While you’re waiting, Carousel Tides can be ordered from, from BN, your local independent bookstore, or download it electronically from Baen Webscriptions.

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This is Day Three of the the Epic Carousel Tides Snippet Tweet, sponsored by Baen. Street date 11/2. Book launch 10/30. Mark your calendars!

Visiting the Wood, frying a man’s grass – not exactly walking lightly on the land. And the land had taken note.

It’s an old machine; a menagerie, like the name says, three across, twenty-three animals and a chariot.

Horses: an Indian pony with a blanket saddle; a bejeweled charger; a dandy little gray with fangs, batwings furled against its sides.

Force flowed and flowered, prickly against my skin. I tasted mint and honey, a tattered remnant of Gran’s signature.

“Saw the one with batwings take a nip out of a fella come down to talk to your gran.”

“You’re trenvay,” I said, sounding accusatory in my own ears. Borgan raised a lazy eyebrow. “You say that like it’s a bad thing.”

* * *

Here ends Day Three of the Epic Carousel Tides tweet-a-thon.  Tune in bright and early tomorrow for the next installment!

While you’re waiting, Carousel Tides can be ordered from, from BN, your local independent bookstore, or downloaded electronically from Baen Webscriptions.

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rolanni: (carousel black) and are shipping Carousel Tides. This means that they are also accepting reader reviews.

I know that a bunch of people have already read the ebook edition. If you have time and are so moved, please do post a review.

Also, if you're a member of a reading site, like Goodreads, LibraryThing, or other, reviews there would be helpful as well.

Thanks for helping me get the word out!

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