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UPDATE:  We have a winner!  Thank you all, and thank you, Lucky Winner!

The auction for the Green Folder full of precious paper notated by an author under the hand of her Muse is ending in just about four hours!  If you've been Thinking About It, now is the time to put thought aside in favor of Action!

Here's your link

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So, this morning I had some t-shirts to mail and some groceries to pick up. The business at the post office was uneventful, but as I was driving cross-town, I needed to stop at a red light on Kennedy Memorial Drive (locally KMD).  I was in the left lane, since I was going to be turning in at the shopping center half a block up the hill.

Except, while I was sitting there, patiently waiting for the light to go green, Binjali the Subaru gave a. . .shudder. . .

. . .and turned itself off.

Nor could I turn it back on.

Now, KMD at Cool is probably The Busiest Intersection in the Greater Waterville Megaplex.  There were lots of cars behind me, and more coming up the road.

I hit the hazard lights, grabbed my cell, got out of the car, waved people around and simultaneously called AAA.  After I explained what had happened, the customer service person asked me to please move the car over to the side of the road.  I told her that the car had stopped running and wouldn't start again, or else we wouldn't be having this conversation.  She said the tow truck would arrive in 50 minutes. I asked her to put a rush on it, and the arrival time went down to 25 minutes.  I told her I'd wait.

Followed the most frightening 15 minutes of my life.  People drive up KMD like it's a speedway, anyhow, but it's Utterly Amazing how many of them will drive up on a car that is sitting absolutely still at, like, 60 miles an hour until, at the Very Last Possible Second, they slam on their brakes.

Or -- even scarier -- whip the car into the right hand lane, without even looking to see is there a freaking tractor trailer already in the space they mean to occupy.

I honestly thought I was going to see dozens die in a multi-vehicle wreck.

I also honestly thought that, given the nature of the intersection, I would shortly be seeing a cop, who could help me with traffic -- or actually, who could DO the traffic, because nobody was paying attention to me.

No cop ever materialized.  The Goddess did, however, send me Tom, a volunteer fireman from Vassalboro, who swung his truck in behind mine at an angle, got out and said, "I'll just stay here with you 'til your tow comes, if that's all right?"

I allowed as how it was all right.

For some reason, people who couldn't see the little green Subaru had No Trouble At All seeing the Big Black Truck.

Just about the time Tom pulled in behind me, an SUV pulled up beside and the tatooed, pierced and henna'd woman behind the wheel asked if I had a flat.  I told her that I thought the battery'd quit.

"We can give 'er a hot shot," the fellow I assumed was her  boyfriend/ husband said from the passenger's seat.  "Get 'er off to the side of the road, 'fore you get killed."

They pulled in ahead of me, and produced a portable battery with cables.  Tom and the boyfriend got the hood up, and the driver valiantly tried to make a connection with the badly corroded terminals.

No go.

I thanked them, they wished me luck, and drove off.  Tom and I chatted until the tow truck arrived, cranked Binjali onto the bed and off we went to Harry Smith's.

There, the mechanic said, "Well, let's see if we can find out what the problem is."

I offered my opinion that the problem was probably the battery, which was wicked corroded.

He kind of nodded, not really listening, brought the hood up, and stood for a longish minute, looking down.

"Well," he said, "that's kinda your definition of wicked corroded, right there."

I explained that I'd been waiting to get a new battery until I got paid, and he nodded again.

"Looks like it's payday then, don't it?"

Guess so.

So, bottom line -- new battery, new alternator, four hunnert bucks on the credit card, and everything's good to go.

Steve arrived while the new battery was still charging, and we did the grocery shopping, then came home in time to meet with the plumber and work out with him what needed to be done to various feed lines and plumbing.  One of the revelations being that Waterville Custom Kitchens could probably "do us" a  vanity and new countertop for the space we have, which is, of course, a non-standard size.

So! After the plumber left us, Steve and I went back to Waterville, consulted with Tim at WCK and got that set up.  The bad news there is that it will take about 10 days to get the vanity built.

Across town we went, to the plumber's facility, where we picked out a faucet set and a new toilet, and confirmed that yes, the crew could and would pick up the vanity from WCK when it was done and bring it out to our house with them.

That done, we picked up my car from Mr. Smith, and came home.

I am now Officially Exhausted, the day is shot, and I would like the bathroom to repair itself, please.

Yeah, that's gonna happen.

*deep breath*

In other news, the auction for the notes from which Mouse and Dragon sprang is on for a scant two days and twenty-one hours.  Current bid is $157.50 for these priceless pieces of paper.  If you ever wondered what goes on inside a writer's head when she's in the midst of creation, this is your chance to find out!  Here's that link again.

Also!  All of the "extra" Carousel Tides t-shirts have found homes.  Thank you all!

Saturday Ketchup

Saturday, August 11th, 2012 07:06 pm
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First, thank you for the lemon meringue pie soap; it's lovely!  I'd be more specific, but there wasn't a name included.  Also -- Mary, thank you for the rosemary mint, and verbena soap; I'm sorry I don't know which Mary. . .

T-shirt update!  I have these quantities and sizes left:
1- Medium
1 - Large

And, auction update!
Over here the green Pendaflex folder containing all of the working notes for Mouse and Dragon, many of them handwritten, is on auction and will remain on for the next 4 days, 22 hours, going over on Thursday August 16,at 14:26:35 PDT. This is, allow me to repeat, a one-of-a-kind item. We never write books this way. If you want to see what goes on in our heads -- or at least, what goes on in my head -- when we're writing, this is going to be about your only opportunity to do so. Steve and I will sign the Pendaflex folder, if the winning bidder so desires. How's that for an inducement?

In other news, I spent too much time today running errands, and now I need to do some work. Oh! Almost forgot something very important. Sunbear will be accompanying me to the ocean. Sunbear is from Old Orchard Beach. She has her name from the fact that her paws change color to show how much sun she's had. I'm sure she'll be happy to be back in the old 'hood for a visit.

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The red leather book has found a new home. Congratulations to the successful bidder of $510! May you have joy in your new treasure.

Auction closing soon

Saturday, May 14th, 2011 10:27 am
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The auction for the rare! leather-bound edition! of the rare! Lee and Miller original omnibus Pilots Choice (including the full text of Liaden Universe┬« novels Local Custom and Scout’s Progress) goes over tomorrow, Sunday, May 15, at 1500 PDT. If you were thinking about bidding, or just want to reserve a seat in the studio audience, time is getting short.

Here’s the link

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1. Steve is on his way home. Last contact was from “someplace in New York.” First contact was from “above Harrisburg,” and I thought, “Well, he’ll be home in a couple hours, then.” sigh. All these years and I’m still not used to Harrisburg being a loooooong way from home.

2. The auction for the leather-bound edition is live until Sunday-coming! Take a look! Go on, you know you want to…

3. Today’s paycheck from the day-job makes available the news that honest labor pays about $6700 less thus far than setting up as a professional liar. This year, anyhow.

4. Still trying to work the brain down from overdrive. Haven’t had to cope with the full “can’t stop! gotta think!” for…years and years. I wonder if that means that the cpap machine blowing air into my skull is actually, um, working.

. . .and wonders, if so, if that’s what you call your double-edged blade.

5. In service of number 4, above, I’ll be on the couch, reading The Perilous Gard.

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Auction live NOW

Sunday, May 8th, 2011 06:08 pm
rolanni: (Mouse and Dragon) 3 p.m. PACIFIC, not Eastern. Duh.

Here's the link

The $20 minimum bid has been met.

Have fun.

Auction Scheduled

Sunday, May 8th, 2011 12:55 pm
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The auction for the leather bound copy of Pilots Choice will go live on eBay at 3 p.m. Eastern today. It will run for seven days.

The listing title is: Rare Leather Bound Edition of Pilots Choice

I note that eBay no longer allows the seller to accept money orders in payment -- I think I had told someone that was an option -- I was in error. I am not happy about this (new to me) policy at eBay, but there we are.

Also! When the item goes live, you will notice a modest starting bid; also a buy-it-now price. The buy-it-now is in response to a correspondent who...strongly felt that option should be made available to collectors.

If, after the listing goes live, you see errors, or things that could be clearer, please let me know. I can amend the listing. I don't want to surprise or misinform anyone, and above all, Steve and I want the book to go to a good home.
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My plan, inasmuch as there had been a plan, was to spend some time outside today, gathering snow-trash and dragging downed branches into a pile to be picked up by the ever-able Mr. Stetson and his truck.

It being, as advertised above, rainy, and none too warm, that plan went out the window. Where it very probably developed hypothermia and expired within fifteen minutes.

So, the next plan -- Plan, if you will, B -- involved setting up the spreadsheets for the SRM Fiscal Year 2011, frowning at the Cat Farm Operating Budget, and patching the BN links on the side of this journal -- thank you [ profile] sleary! Your fix worked a Positive Treat! I still need to relocate the Fictionwise links someone kindly made for me (the note is on this page, somewhere... Found it! Thank you, [ profile] estara!) and paste them into, and those bits of housekeeping will be taken care of. In these matters of house-and-bookkeeping, I am ably assisted by the Senior Members of the Coon Cat Crack Sleep Squadron.

Zzzzz -- Um?

I still haven't fixed the title of The Cat's Job in the Kindle Store, because Amazon doesn't yet admit that the book is live (and thus available to editing), though they've sold a good dozen already, despite the glitch. Am I a dynamo, or what?

Speaking of sales -- yes, you can now buy the chapbooks on Clicking on the Kindle-shop and searching on Pinbeam Books will get you a list of everything there is to have, up to the minute. I wish this trick also worked with, but -- no joy.

Today's mail did bring a long-delayed royalty check, which directly prompted the Frowning Study of the Cat Farm's Operating Budget. We're not positioned well, I fear, for the arrival of Summer, when the day-job hours go to less than half-time, and where the weeks of same can and have been adjusted upward by the Whim of Admin. We'd been very good in past years about setting aside Summer Money out of Winter's Overflowing Purse, but this year the tending upward spiral of everything but my paycheck, plus the surprise! medical expenses, has kinda set us back from where we really ought to be. Hmm. I may have to open my closet and see what falls out in an Ebayward direction. Watch the skies.

And -- last bit of gossip before I leave the Coon Cat Cloud and go down to the kitchen to sample the lunch Steve's got cooking (which smells wonderful!) -- Barnes and Noble is accepting reviews of Ghost Ship. If you've read the eArc and want to review, I would ask you to do two courteous things. First, please try not to post a review that will spoil the book for someone who hasn't read it yet. And second, please note in your comments that you have read an Advanced Reading Copy.

And, now? I'm for lunch!

We have a winner!

Friday, May 21st, 2010 06:19 pm
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Congratulations to the winning bidder of the hardcover edition of Pilots Choice!

Cookbook rec?

Saturday, May 15th, 2010 09:46 am
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Does anybody have (and like) a crockpot recipe book that uses whole ingredients, rather than things like "cream of chicken soup"?

Was just over at the working wiki for Mouse and Dragon. It has a deadline timer right there on the front page, to put the Fear of Deadline in me, and I never turned it off. Says it's been 305 days since the delivery date. 'nother timer, over on my Google homepage, says that M&D's street date is 17 days distant. That's covering a lot of ground pretty dern fast, from pages to print.

Don't forget the Pilots Choice auction. There was a question regarding the starting bid of $75 -- why was it so high. I figure if one person asked, more wondered. So! The starting bid is so high because the good people at ABE books are pricing their (very, very few) Pilots Choice hardcovers from a low $172.50 to a high of $220. Also, the original cover price, in Year 2001 dollars, was $40. So $75 did not seem at all out of line.

It's also a point now mooted; the minimum has been made.

I'll be scarce -- or maybe not. Got a To-Do list for this weekend that I could wrap around me and wear as a dress.

Everybody heading for the beach?
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Seven-day auction; starting bid $75. Listing is here
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Ahem. The SFBC PiN are spoken for until further notice. I have one person who has not responded to my email and one who asked for a couple days so that they could pull together the ransom money. If those deals fall through, I'll throw the two books back into the pool here.

In the meantime -- the reason I'm doing the shout-out in the blog is because I believe, as did Mr. Heinlein before me -- that most people can count. If there are six books available and you are the seventh voice, the odds are very good that you have come into the bar too late. I believe that people can figure this out and will not have to send me an email about it.

Call me a optimistic fool, but there you have it.

Watching the skies: I have here on my desk one pristine hardcover edition of Pilots Choice. Because there is only one, it is going to eBay. I'll provide a link, once the listing is up.

Auction over

Sunday, May 9th, 2010 05:41 pm
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The auction for the unbound first edition I Dare is now over. Congratulations -- and thanks! -- to the lucky winner.

Reminder! Ebay Action

Thursday, May 6th, 2010 06:04 am
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There's a Truly Unique(tm) item for sale over at Ebay: Unbound and uncut first edition of I Dare, printed by Meisha Merlin in 2002. Auction ends May 9!

Go ahead, take a look -- you know you want to.

Ebayers take note!

Sunday, May 2nd, 2010 05:34 pm
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Unbound and uncut first edition of I Dare, printed by Meisha Merlin in 2002. Starting bid $25; auction runs for seven days, starting NOW
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The auction for the paper related to the Lee and Miller story "Candlelight" has ended. The winning bid was $128.82.

Congratulations to the lucky winner!

This ends the Clean Out Sharon's File Drawer Auction Series 2009.

Thanks to everyone who participated, and to the winning bidders.

Special thanks to Andy Funk, whose harebrained idea this was. *bows in Andy's direction* I stand corrected, sir.
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I've either gotta get a shorter to-do list or a longer weekend.

Astute followers of this journal will note that I have not caught up my email. I have, however, brought the SRM bookkeeping up to date and balanced both checkbooks. Also? The dishes are done, which wasn't even on today's list. Go, me.

"Hidden Resources" is going a little slower than I had expected, given that I have An Outline (pauses to allow the audience to gasp in admiration). I think the problem has to do with the fact that I had begun a story similar to this one a few years back, and abandoned it when I realized that I hadn't thought things through to the point of actually having, oh, a plot. What I did have was a very cool setting. I kept distracting myself by trying to bring that setting to mind, and explaining to myself, kindly, that Nothing I did today could possibly be as wonderfully perfect as that which I had previously constructed.

To which I say now and publicly, "Pfui."

In other news, there's less than 24 hours remaining on the current Ebay auction to clear Sharon's file cabinet. Somebody stands to get a heckuva bargain, here. Maybe it'll be you. Take a look

Progress on "Hidden Resources"

1104 / 7000
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The Candlelight auction has begun. It will run for 7 days at this location:

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