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Saturday, August 11th, 2012 07:06 pm
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First, thank you for the lemon meringue pie soap; it's lovely!  I'd be more specific, but there wasn't a name included.  Also -- Mary, thank you for the rosemary mint, and verbena soap; I'm sorry I don't know which Mary. . .

T-shirt update!  I have these quantities and sizes left:
1- Medium
1 - Large

And, auction update!
Over here the green Pendaflex folder containing all of the working notes for Mouse and Dragon, many of them handwritten, is on auction and will remain on for the next 4 days, 22 hours, going over on Thursday August 16,at 14:26:35 PDT. This is, allow me to repeat, a one-of-a-kind item. We never write books this way. If you want to see what goes on in our heads -- or at least, what goes on in my head -- when we're writing, this is going to be about your only opportunity to do so. Steve and I will sign the Pendaflex folder, if the winning bidder so desires. How's that for an inducement?

In other news, I spent too much time today running errands, and now I need to do some work. Oh! Almost forgot something very important. Sunbear will be accompanying me to the ocean. Sunbear is from Old Orchard Beach. She has her name from the fact that her paws change color to show how much sun she's had. I'm sure she'll be happy to be back in the old 'hood for a visit.

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This poll asks you to read something and then answer some questions. Please feel free to leave opinions and observations in comments.

Part One:
Aelliana Caylon has escaped her abusive family. She's found love in her starship co-pilot--a man who turns out to be the leader of Korval, the most powerful clan of the Liaden Universe®. But destiny never intended an easy life for Aelliana. Insidious  forces within the empire are determined that a new line of Korval heirs be destroyed and that Clan Korval itself be blasted to interplanetary dust. The fight for the future of the Liaden Universe® is on, and one heroine is determined to protect her family and her soulmate at all costs!

Part Two:
[Poll #1790197]

Aelliana and Daav

Tuesday, October 25th, 2011 08:34 am
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Mouse and Dragon mass market paperback releases today!

Available from Your Favorite Local Bookstore, and from The Usual Suspects, Online.

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Exciting day here at the Cat Farm. Not only did Eddie the FedEx Guy deliver us a nice, tasty box of Mouse and Dragon mass market paperbacks, but Mozart and I finished up with the manuscript-thus-far of Necessity’s Child. Thinks now need to be thought.

As if the above weren’t enough! excitement! We learn today (we could have learned yesterday, if I had bothered to open my email) that Ghost Ship, with nine other worthy novels, was a Borderlands Books hardcover bestseller for September. Here’s the list; lotsa good reading there:

1. Reamde by Neal Stephenson
2. A Dance With Dragons by George R.R. Martin
3. Legacy of Kings by C.S. Friedman
4. Tears of the Sun by S.M. Stirling
5. Departure by Neal Asher
6. Rule 34 by Charles Stross
7. Embassytown by China Mieville
8. Magician King by Lev Grossman
9. Ghost Ship by Sharon Lee and Steve Miller
10. How Firm a Foundation by David Weber

Now, exciting as bestsellerdom is, something Even! More! exciting happened.

I got blacklisted.

Yeah. I’m pretty proud.

Oh, you want to know what I got blacklisted for?  For yesterday’s Disambiguation Notice.  By, yeah, the “Write Agenda”/”Writer Be Aware” people, whoever they are.  Apparently, they have this list of authors who have hurt their feelings, and they send the list to librarians with a letter advising the library not to buy the work of anyone on the list.

Wonder how that’s working out for them?

Anyhow, if you missed the whole backstory, you can read about it at Writer Beware, at Whatever, and at In the Labyrinth.

Oh, and the title of this evening’s post?  Somebody over on Facebook made a request for B-52 lyrics, but yanno?  With the B-52s it was never about the lyrics, it was all about the delivery.

Here, have some Love Shack.


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1. Spent last night in the Sleep Lab, getting fitted for a mask and then being experimented upon to find the optimum flow of air to keep the passages open. Not as easy as I expected. My body considers forced air an intruder at best; an enemy to be actively beat off at worst. Also, panic attacks in the Sleep Lab? Not recommended.

2. It snowed last night. And today.

3. The mass market edition of Mouse and Dragon has been added to the Big Pile of Lee and Miller books coming out this year — October.

4. The proofs for the mass market edition of Saltation have landed.

5. But before I do them, I do the last pass through “Intelligent Design,” which has only now come back to me from Steve.

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This is the fifth and final day of Mouse and Dragon Snippet Week, sponsored by Baen Books. Snippets to follow.

Aelliana: What would you be willing to do, in order to salvage Mizel?

Daav: On my honor, I will wait here until my brother comes.

Aelliana: You are delm of Low Port. I ask safe passage.

Daav: Stipulate that we are idiots of the first water, polished and ready to be set.

Aelliana: Daav, I think we should have another child.

Daav: I can scarcely argue with a lady who has a plan.

One week of snippets is now concluded. Thank you for your kind attention. Remember, Mouse and Dragon hits bookstores on June 1, from Baen.

* * *

The above are snippets from Mouse and Dragon, by Sharon Lee and Steve Miller, for Friday, May 21.

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Now beginning the penultimate day of the Mouse and Dragon Tweetathon! Snippets of Interest to follow.

Daav: Come out now, rogue, and show yourself to the pilot. I can do nothing if she decides to space you. She is the final authority here.

Aelliana: But how unhandsome! You leave me no words to say at all.

Daav: Torn from virtuous industry by a ravishing temptress; all — all! to be done over!

Aelliana: Did you know that a ship must be inspected and certified before a third-party lien may be set against it?

Daav: We will find the route, Pilot. I swear it.

Aelliana: One would welcome a cat, if possible.

* * *

The above are snippets from Mouse and Dragon by Sharon Lee and Steve Miller for Thursday, May 20.  One more day of Mad Snippeting remains!  In the meantime, if you’re interested in what you’ve seen so far, please consider asking your favorite bookstore to order it in for you, or pre-order from IndieBound or from Amazon

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This is third day of the Mouse and Dragon Tweetathon, sponsored by Baen Books. Street date is June 1. Mark your calendars!

Daav: My brother is enjoying himself far too much.

Kareen: Pilot, you are a mouse among raptors. Your best chance of survival is to be small, and to feast upon whatever crumbs fall your way.

Aelliana: Does this tree speak to you?

Daav: If I measured each of my loves against what I feel for you, it would seem that I had never loved anyone at all.

Aelliana: Certainly, any error should be rectified. I regret, however, that I am unable to continue my contract.

Daav: Every toasted cheese sandwich is unique unto itself. Like art, there are no mistakes.

* * *

The above are snippets for Wednesday, May 19, 2010.  There are two more days of snippage this week, and one of them is tomorrow!  Please join us then. Snippets are delivered throughout the day via Twitter from BaenBooks and ClanKorval, then collected at the end of the day as a blog posting, for the convenience of those who do not tweet.

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Mouse and Dragon, the long-awaited sequel to Lee & Miller’s beloved Scout’s Progress hits stores June 1 from Baen Books. Snippets follow.

Daav: I am her copilot in a hostile port. Her brother did his utmost to murder her, and nothing to his credit, that he failed. If he failed.

Aelliana: But. . .Am I damaged?

Daav: She was his destined lifemate. They were to have shared…everything. She had been hurt, grievously, and no one called to aid her.

Aelliana: The door opened. I knew it was Daav before I turned, and nothing more natural than to walk into his arms.

Daav: “Your pardon, Pilot. It will not happen again.” Aelliana shook back her hair. “Now THAT was not the correct answer.”

Aelliana: If it must be said before Korval to be true, then I say that I wish, very much, to come under Korval’s care.

* * *

The above are the snippets for Monday, May 17, 2010.  Snippeting resumes tomorrow at a Really Unfortunate Hour.  Please join us then.

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Cookbook rec?

Saturday, May 15th, 2010 09:46 am
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Does anybody have (and like) a crockpot recipe book that uses whole ingredients, rather than things like "cream of chicken soup"?

Was just over at the working wiki for Mouse and Dragon. It has a deadline timer right there on the front page, to put the Fear of Deadline in me, and I never turned it off. Says it's been 305 days since the delivery date. 'nother timer, over on my Google homepage, says that M&D's street date is 17 days distant. That's covering a lot of ground pretty dern fast, from pages to print.

Don't forget the Pilots Choice auction. There was a question regarding the starting bid of $75 -- why was it so high. I figure if one person asked, more wondered. So! The starting bid is so high because the good people at ABE books are pricing their (very, very few) Pilots Choice hardcovers from a low $172.50 to a high of $220. Also, the original cover price, in Year 2001 dollars, was $40. So $75 did not seem at all out of line.

It's also a point now mooted; the minimum has been made.

I'll be scarce -- or maybe not. Got a To-Do list for this weekend that I could wrap around me and wear as a dress.

Everybody heading for the beach?
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I know that some of you who read here are members of various romance lists and/or regularly participate in the various romance forums around the web.  Might I ask you, if you can do so without violating the standards of politeness of your particular list or forum, to mention that Mouse and Dragon will be coming out on June 1?

Scout’s Progress was very well received by the romance community (winner of the Prism award for best Futuristic Romance for its year (Local Custom placed second for the same year) and RomanticTimes Reviewers Choice for Best Science Fiction Book of 2002) and I would like to make sure that those readers who enjoyed that book know that there’s now a sequel.

(And of course, for those who haven’t read Local Custom or Scout’s Progress — they’re reprinted in The Dragon Variation, also to be published in June).

Baen has a very generous free sample of Mouse and Dragon here, so those who are on the fence can see if the story suits.

Thank you for your help; I do very much appreciate it.

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. . .an authors’ copy of Mouse and Dragon.

.  .  .


. . .

It’s beautiful.

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The glamor!

Monday, March 15th, 2010 08:14 pm
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So, the day-job was out of control today and I didn't have the leisure to read but a dozen pages. Came home and got down to it, but my brain melted 69 pages from the end of Mouse and Dragon. Tomorrow, I'm nailing it, s'welp me.

In the meantime, I made sure to put Twenty Big Ones on my in-college debit card this morning. The Plan is to go in early tomorrow and photocopy the bloody* pages (of which there are a disconcerting number) before the day starts.

Assuming that I will finish with Mouse and Dragon tomorrow, then sometime Wednesday (but not early; there's an Official Secretary Administrative Aide Function early) I'll copy those bloody* pages, and we'll make up One Whacking Big FedEx package and throw it North Carolina-wards.

...Then, I Ghost Ship, I guess, and try to take up the threads of that again. I hope my head doesn't explode.

So, again, for the graphically minded amongst us, this is the score to-date:

Pages proofed since March 9:
1240 / 1309

Have you gotten your Mouse and Dragon eArc? How 'bout your Saltation eEdition?

Did you know that half of Mouse and Dragon is now available to be read for free?

Also? Half of The Dragon Variation

*Technical term denoting the pages covered in red ink

So, the weekend

Monday, March 15th, 2010 09:09 am
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Saturday had been a planned day off far before the landing of galleys. Steve and I discussed it, and decided that we actually deserved that day off, deadlines or not, so we went south, to a home show, then souther, to the ocean, then bore northwards, stopping to tour that popular tourist attraction Whole Foods, where Cheese was committed, and dark chocolate covered espresso beans were but barely avoided.

Sunday was sit-in-the-living-room-and-proofread-damn-you day. Steve did Conflict of Honors while I finished Scout's Progress and started on Mouse and Dragon. As of this writing, that's three-point-five books down and half a book to go.

Or, graphically:

Pages proofed since March 9:

1125 / 1309

...yes, we are Completely Made of Awesome, thank you.

Remember! Mouse and Dragon eArc now available here. Tell your friends! Tell your office mates! Tell your mom!

Ahead of promise

Saturday, March 13th, 2010 06:48 pm
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Toni lets us know that the eArc for Mouse and Dragon is now available from Webscriptions. case anybody's interested.
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By the time I left work yesterday, it was 34F/1C, snow falling from the sky and the snow that was already on the roads melting. That was Strange and Interesting. It continued to snow into the evening, the temperatures dropped and this morning, with pink-edged grey clouds giving way silver-blue sky. . .my car was frozen shut. I didn't have any luck trying to get in, and Steve did go out to do the honors, though probably he shouldn't have done, and off I drove. The roads were snow covered and slick until I got into town proper, when they reverted to just wet, and so to work, only a few minutes late.

I've had a headache for the last couple days; stupid thing just won't quit. Not bad enough for Big Drugs, and not really responsive to aspirin. Yesterday, I napped for a couple hours after work. That didn't really help; and it was waiting for me when I got up this morning.

In and around all that excitement, the edit letter for Mouse and Dragon landed, and the poor copy editor wants, as copy editors do, Rules. The facts of High Tongues, Low Tongues, modes, and pilot hand-talk are frustrating her, which is understandable for someone coming to the universe cold. Worse, Mouse and Dragon is all-Liaden-all-the-time, so there's not even the relief of a naive viewpoint to help explain things.

This means trying to condense twenty years worth of world-building into succinct sentences and paragraphs -- and forming occasional Rules. I don't know that I'm the best person for the job, frankly, headache or no. Steve's doing his pass today, in-between naps, and we'll compare notes this evening.

In the meantime, I have a few things to do for the day-job, and an after-work trip to the grocery store scheduled (I got paid! I can buy food!), then to home. And maybe a nap.

How's your day shaping up?
rolanni: (booksflying1.1) lists both The Dragon Variation and Mouse and Dragon available for pre-order, both with a street date of June 1, 2010. No art for either yet, alas, but soon, I'm sure.

This is excellent news, not just for The Usual Reasons, but because The Dragon Variation includes three novels, Local Custom, Scout's Progress and Conflict of Honors. AsyouknowBob, Mouse and Dragon is the direct sequel to Scout's Progress, so the whole story will be available to new readers and old, alike.

*is pleased*

For those who prefer to wait and purchase locally, mark June 1 on your calendars!

In other news, we have reservations for Thanksgiving dinner, which event will also serve as a delayed anniversary dinner, since we were too busy on the day to do anything other than raise a glass and each thank the other for their patience and affection over the years.

edited because I can't spell
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1. It's cloudy, windy and damp, highs predicted around 65F/18C. Summer in Maine; you gotta love it.

2. Yesterday, we built one bookshelf, today we build another. Who would have thought that a folding bookshelf needs two people (with optional coon cat) to assemble it? I can't wait for the chest of drawers.

3. A late-reporting beta reader noticed a discrepancy in Mouse and Dragon that got past everybody else, most notably the authors. Will fix this morning and send in Amended Manuscript. Embarrassing, but not as embarrassing as having the Wrong Thing get into print.

4. I got a raise at the day-job! Something under ten bucks a week. Before taxes.

5. Remember! Tuesday is Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers Day.


Saturday, June 20th, 2009 01:06 pm
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Mouse and Dragon
Sharon Lee and Steve Miller

A Novel of the Liaden Universe®

© 2009 by Sharon Lee and Steve Miller

Approximate Words: 114,600

Submitted June 20, 2009
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Steve has finished his read of Mouse and Dragon. We need to put our heads together over a couple of scenes, but mostly it's going to be a Straight Push today. Tomorrow, we're engaged early outside of the house, returning in early evening to Push whatever's Left to Push, and More Pushing until it's done.

At which point, Hexapuma will build a chest of drawers.

I'll be scarce. Play nice.

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