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Sharon Lee and Steve Miller are gobsmacked — but pleased! — and hereby announce to The World that Saltation, their sixteenth collaborative novel, the eleventh set in the Liaden Universe®, has placed in the Locus Poll Top Twenty Best Novels of 2010.

Thank you! to everyone who voted.

*falls over ded*

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1. Spent last night in the Sleep Lab, getting fitted for a mask and then being experimented upon to find the optimum flow of air to keep the passages open. Not as easy as I expected. My body considers forced air an intruder at best; an enemy to be actively beat off at worst. Also, panic attacks in the Sleep Lab? Not recommended.

2. It snowed last night. And today.

3. The mass market edition of Mouse and Dragon has been added to the Big Pile of Lee and Miller books coming out this year — October.

4. The proofs for the mass market edition of Saltation have landed.

5. But before I do them, I do the last pass through “Intelligent Design,” which has only now come back to me from Steve.

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Today is Theo Waitley’s birthday.  That’s right, on this date in 2007, the first chapter of Fledgling was posted on the interwebs.  I trust everyone has marked their calendars and have suitable celebrations planned.

Since that first, auspicious appearance, Theo has broadened her horizons considerably.  Not only has she pursued her dream of  becoming a courier pilot, but she has been published in ebook, hardback, and paperback by Baen, and hit various bestseller lists, including the Wall Street Journal Bestselling Science Fiction list.

As this is Theo’s fifth birthday, I’d say a little gentle embarrassment is in order.  How about this?  Let’s share our favorite memories of her in comments.

NOTE:  Those who have not read the books (Fledgling, and Saltation, that would be), please be aware that there may well be spoilers in comments, and click at your own risk.

So, everybody pull up a chair — no, wait!  I’m forgetting something.  Before we settle in, punch and cake in hand, to reminisce, let’s gather in a circle, join hands, and say the magic words:

Happy birthday, Theo!

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Saltation news

Friday, December 10th, 2010 08:41 am
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I have in this morning's mail a note from Tricia Tongco at Goodreads, letting me know that Saltation has been nominated for the 2010 Goodreads Choice Award in the category of Science Fiction.

This is very gratifying, and I'd like to thank everyone who participated in the initial round of voting.

Tricia's letter says that this current round of voting is open to all readers -- edited to add: As mentioned below, one must be signed in to Goodreads to vote I'm guessing that means "all readers" and not "all readers who are also members of Goodreads" -- and she urges us to let our fans know. This is very wise advice, since Theo is up against some Very Tough Competition.

If you'd like to vote for Theo, or for any of the other fine nominees in the SF category, here's your link. The polls are open through December. Winners will be announced on January 5, 2011.

There are also a good many other worthy books nominated in other categories, so you might want to take a look around, while you're over at Goodreads.
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So, I haven’t been around the blogs much, a trend that will probably continue,what with one thing and a lagging book.  Still behind on the email.  I love y’all, though.

Steve has been doing the work of four good men; meaning there are many autographed Saltations in the sky, on  the road, and, reportedly, in the hands of the folks who supported the writing of the project. Signing the books reminded us of how much we owe you guys, and we thank you again, deeply.

I still do worry about the folks on the Lost List.  Take a second to look at the list, especially if you’re in the US and haven’t received your book.  If you see your name, please don’t assume that I’ll cross-check you against the SRM database and thus discover your whereabouts.   Be proactive!  If you see a friend’s name on the list, give ‘em a nudge, why not?  My goal is to get a book into the hands of everyone who was kind enough to subscribe.

The last week included an emergency run for Argent the Forester to the Subaru Repair Shop, where he emerged willing, and now able, to drive Steve to NASFiC in a couple weeks.

The day-job continues to be Entirely Too Stressful.  I blame the heat.  And administrative boneheadedness.

This evening, Steve and I are scheduled to read, and he, as a Trustee, to act as host, at the Winslow Public Library’s 100th Year Anniversary Party, which will be lots of fun.

The Expanding Universe contest has 326 entries so far.  Have you entered?  Have you blogged?  Have you pointed a friend to the contest?  Time’s running out for all of those things; the contest deadline is midnight EDT today, Friday, July 16.

Today, late as it starts will be an on-the-sofa-with-the Leewit-day.  Hope everyone has a stress-free Friday!

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It having been more than a year since we finished mailing Saltation to those subscribers whose addresses we had, and more than a month since the mass market edition of Saltation came out from Baen, we have closed the shipping window.

We again, and sincerely, thank everyone for their support and goodwill.

Sharon Lee

Follows a list of people who either did not answer the "please confirm your mailing address" email, or whose email address proved to be no good.

If you are one of the people on the list below, write to me NOW at (where AT replaces the obvious) with the mailing address at which you would like to receive a paper book.

If you know one of the people on this list, please either point them here or have them write to me at (where AT replaces the obvious).

Edited to add: Please don't give me Attitude when you write to confirm your shipping address. I'm confirming addresses Because I Love You, OK? If I didn't Love You, I wouldn't care if you got your book. Thanks.

Also edited to add: No, updating your address with SRM is not the same as confirming your address for this project.

Neal Bahu
Ellen Barry
Helen Bassett
Mike Boulton Motorcycles
Judith Bramlage
D. Guy Cadieux
BR Bear Carson
Jason Christofilos
Chuck Clements
James Collins
Sharon Corbet
Sarah Cornell
Susan Cox
Angus Creighton
J T Cullingford
Deanna Cymbaluk
A Farmer's Daughter
Michael Dobbs
Sam Ellis
Janet Evans
Margaret Fielding
Tamie Fogle
Jeffrey Giel
William Goldsmith
Donice Green
Shasta Green
Bernard Grofman
Diana Hammond
Charles Hannah
Yeng-Choong Ho
Donald Humberson
Maya Jaklitsch
Walter Jamison
Amelia Janisz
Craig & Vicky Johnson
Beverly Jordan
Rita Kane
Albert Knox
Mike Kroll
Kari Lempke
Jaynae Louden
Linda Love
Marilyn Mann
Kendall Marks
Ellipsis Math
Grant McConnell
Gen McGarvey-Tanenbaum
H. Nieuwenhuijzen
Heidi Oliversen
Cheryl Parker
Sherri Pileggi
Sherry Ray
Stephen Reed
Celia Roberts
John Rogers
Susan Ruoff
Anita Sanders
Patricia Schaut
Barbara Schneider
Jaclyn Search
Daniel Snider
Michelle Thornburgh
Myriah Tommas
Donald Wedge
Kristine Whitby
Teresa Williams
Carl Witty
Victor Yoder
Cheryl Lynn York
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Steve and I spent all day, from early to late Saturday and from early until now Sunday signing, packing and labeling subscriber copies of Saltation.  I can report with confidence at this moment that hundreds and hundreds of books will go into the mail on Tuesday.  That only leaves hundreds and hundreds left to process, but, hey, progress — and a huge shout-out and Thank you! to Amy Cryway, who packed books like a mad, packing thing.

In other news, The Leewit has a new skin:

Carousel Tides skin for The Leewit

…which looks Much Classier in person than it does in the photo.  Man, that is a cool cover!

Also!  Watch this space for Teh Shiney, promised earlier in the week, and brought to you with the connivance and assistance of long-time Friend of Liad Mike Barker, Heather Massey of The Galaxy Express, and Toni Weisskiopf of Baen Books.  Details follow this evening.  This has been your Distant Early Warning.

And now, Steve is making burgers, and there’s a class of sangria with my name on it by a comfy chair under a tree.

For those who celebrate the Fourth of July, have a comfortable and safe holiday!  For those who don’t celebrate, well — you be safe and comfortable, too; that’s not just for holidays you know.

I’ll be back later.

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Remember!  You can (and, dare I say, should?) read Liaden Universe® novels and stories, as well as other works by Sharon Lee and Steve Miller, and by Sharon Lee on your ereader.  These electric books are available directly from Baen Webscriptions.

Yes, you can read Webscriptions ebooks on your Kindle, and on your Ipad.

Saltation subscribers, take note! There is a list of people who are in danger of not receiving their books here.  Please take a moment to check this list for your name, or the name of a friend or loved one.  If your name does appear on the list, instructions for mending that problem are at the top of the entry.

Steve and I are still signing books.  Once again — this is a lengthy process.  Please don’t write to me and ask if your book has been mailed — at this point, the answer is “no.”  Also, I don’t know when your book will be mailed.

If you wrote to Mr. Raun to ask if your name was in the database and received a negative answer from him, writing to me will not produce a positive answer.  We are using the same database.

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Saltation at Number Four on the Wall Street Journal Bestselling Science Fiction for the week ending April 25.

That’s just. . .


Also!  I have here in my hand — an authors’ copy of The Dragon Variation, coming very soon now to a Bookstore Near You.

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As reported in these pages yesterday, we had received word that an  “inventory transfer order” had been sent to the Simon and Schuster warehouse, which was the first step in the journey of 1200 subscriber-sponsored Saltations to Maine.

Today, the warehouse called Baen with the information that there are not enough — not nearly enough — books in the warehouse to cover that transfer of inventory.

In fact, the first hardcover run of Saltation appears to have sold out — in just two weeks.

Baen is immediately going back to print.  But!  That means we need to ask those who pre-ordered to be patient. . .some while longer.  We apologize, but this is something that is completely out of our control — mid-list genre books just don’t sell out in two weeks.

There are a few — a very few books that were in the pipeline when the transfer order went out, and which are coming to Maine.  They count in dozens; not nearly enough to fill the orders outstanding.

We will keep you informed, as we’re informed.

In the meantime — thank you for your patience and for your on-going support.

We love you guys.

Sharon and Steve

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Oh, let’s see.

Woke up this morning with a stiff neck, which was later in the day  joined by aching wrists, aching head — pretty much aching everything — and that was the theme of the day, despite swallowing my Daily Limit of aspirin.

Fortunately, there was very little of a keyboard nature to do at work, so I got to rest my wrists, anyway, and passed the afternoon reading the New Yorker that had arrived on Saturday.  Of particular note is the article about S.A. Andree’s arctic expedition in 1897, undertaken via hot air balloon, as well as the article about chef in Turkey who is devoting his life to ferreting out the old, each-slightly-different regional recipes for standard foods that are being displaced by the Turkish equivalents of Starbucks.  I’m in the middle of reading the article about George Steinmetz — tomorrow!

Or not, depending on workload.

Today, I had thrust upon me by the story-brain, which was apparently avoiding the Ghost Ship scene it was supposed to be thinking about — the name and history of a goddess attached to Cheobaug, the Land of Wave and Water.  Mind you, I wasn’t going to be writing a story about Cheobaug, but does the story-brain care what I want?

This has been reported elsewhere, but bears repeating — an Inventory Transfer Order has been — repeat has been — issued, and the pre-ordered Saltations have begun their journey Maine-ward.  Best estimate as to when they might arrive is “next week sometime.”  Please be assured that we’ll tell you when they land.

…that’s pretty much all I’ve got.

Hope everyone has a pleasant and relaxing evening.

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. . .you know who you are.

Word is that an Inventory Transfer has been filed, and that a Big Pile of Saltations is now beginning to move toward Maine. Best Guess Arrival at SRM Galactic Headquarters in Beautiful Downtown Waterville: Sometime Next Week.

You may now return to being patient.
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. . .consider the above fair warning, and Do Not Try Me(tm).  Thank you.

As reported earlier in the week, B&N and Amazon are now shipping Saltation; both are accepting customer reviews, if you’re of a reviewing bent.

I’m now looking for reports of Saltation spotted in the wild, as well as any other Lee and Miller books that might be nearby.  As you’re out and about town, keep your eyes peeled, please!

No, we have not yet received our Big Shipment of Saltation subscriber copies.  We’ll tell you when.?

My plans for the day include cleaning out my closet and making up a box of stuff to go to Goodwill, brainstorming, and perhaps goofing off with my spiffy! new! layout program.

What’re you doing that’s fun?

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So, some news

Thursday, April 8th, 2010 12:56 pm
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Took Steve to his follow-up appointment with the surgeon today. He's doing well and may stir somewhat further afield, though the comfy chair is still in play. I believe his plan for the afternoon was to settle in and write -- or nap, if Hexapuma gets his way.

I of course arrived late to work, to find that the folks who needed me to hurry up at the beginning of last week and then went away for five working days now need me to hurry up again. So not feeling like hurrying. In fact, I'm feeling like a nap, myself.

Should've brought Hex to work.

In other news, both BN and Amazon admit to shipping Saltation and both are accepting customer reviews, so if you've got something on your chest -- now is the time. Amazon seems to think that Saltation is number eleven in space opera, which is nothing to sneeze at.

Despite my disinclination to hurry, I expect that I will work past my usual time today, just to get caught up on the list, so tomorrow doesn't fall down and crush me.

Hope everybody's having a good day where you are.
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B&N is accepting reader reviews of Saltation; if anyone who has read the ebook is moved to review, strike! while the internets are hot!

Also! Three Liaden books are among Uncle Hugo's top sellers for March: Eidolon, Halfling Moon, and Fledgling (mass market)
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Some of you may know -- and some others of you may not know -- that Theo is a Guest Tweeter at Baen Books this week. Theo's entries are mirrored on Steve's Facebook account, but he hesitates to post them to his LJ for fear of setting up a loop, as Facebook also mirrors his LJ account.

So! For those of you who neither tweet nor FB, the following are Theo's tweets thus far, starting with Tweet The First. I'll append the new ones as I can, but Theo's going off at a rate of five a day, so there will be lag...

from the BaenBooks twitter feed -- Theo Waitley says: Snickiots! Anyone smart enough to be landing at the academy ought to know not to jostle the pilot!

from the Baenbooks twitter feed: Theo Waitley laughed, engulfed by blue sky and billowing clouds. They hadn't outlawed happy at the Academy, and flying was a happy thing.

from the Baenbooks twitter feed: Theo felt her face warm, but she'd earned the sarcasm. After all, it wasn't very advertent to be discovered doing needlework in math class.

from the BaenBooks twitter feed: Theo's Father had pointed out, more than once, that the more noise you made, the more likely it was that you were using too much force.

From the Baenbooks twitter feed: Ahem, student. This object has traveled light years to reach us. It ought go to the person it was meant for. Erkes, Suite 302. Theo Waitley.

From the Baenbooks twitter feed: Academy note - Saltation: That which proceeds by leaps rather than by smooth and orderly progression. See details:

From the BaenBooks twitter feed: It was blood, but not much of it, and the game had still been going strong when Theo left. "Not dripping. I'll clean it," she promised Asu.

From the BaenBooks twitter feed: After she'd been pushed into Advanced Power she'd hear mock-cloned "Not good, Theo," half-whispered or louder as she walked the airfield ...

From the BaenBooks twitter feed: "Key," Theo said around a growing coldness in her stomach, adding "You can't find current flight time because my father is a retired pilot."

"I don't have an attitude problem," Theo told him, but Chelly only laughed again.
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...a brand-new hardcover edition of Saltation. Cover by David Mattingly. Appears to be space opera. By some writers named Sharon Lee and Steve Miller

Postage Matters

Monday, February 8th, 2010 04:25 pm
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Pursuant to the discussion here, postage to France and to Australia is $17.64 (assuming Saltation will be to Fledgling's dimensions, which is Just Too Big to fit into a small international box, which would knock about $3 off the cost). Postage to New Zealand is $16.99. Edited to add: Canada: $8.93

Those who wish to donate extra postage money may do so by sending an amount that seems Just and Good to them via PayPal to, where @ replaces AT.

This is, I feel compelled to note, Strictly Voluntary; no one will have their book held because we're "short" postage money*.

Thank you all.

*We will (and have, for Fledgling) ask for additional postage funds from people whose book is returned to us, because that is an extra, and avoidable, expense.
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We have had our First Inquiry regarding our intentions for receiving and shipping the subscriber copies of Saltation. Follows our timeline.

We will probably take delivery of 1200 copies of Saltation in March. We don't know exactly when in March. We have an Educated Guess in hand, but at this point it is exactly that, and not a hard delivery date.

After we take delivery of those books and get them under roof in the cold storage next to SRM Galactic Headquarters, we will sign them*.

*I don't know how long it's going to take, exactly, to sign 1100 books (which I believe to be the total of subscriber orders). Eleven hundred books is A Lot of books; I mention this because some folks seem to have no concept of that. Also, even though we both have relatively short names, signing them 1100 times takes a while. Our experience with Fledgling suggests that signing alone will consume on the order of several days to a week. Alas, we cannot devote a full week to only signing books; we have a day-job, and SRM usual business to accommodate during this time.

After the books are signed, we will log the database and print the labels. This also takes time, because, yanno -- printers, labels, on-line postage services. . . Once the labels are printed, Steve will single-handedly pack and mail those 1100 books. This could, conservatively, take weeks and weeks. And weeks.

It's entirely possible, as with Fledgling, that subscribers will receive their thank-you Saltations months after the book has been available from bookstores. We apologize for this and regret any inconvenience.

To sum up: We intend to ship Saltation to subscribers as quickly as humanly possible without killing ourselves, neglecting the cats, or defaulting on other of life's obligations. This seems the best course for everyone.

Please Note: At this time, we are closing pre-support donations to Saltation. If we have any books left over after the epic task described above is completed, and a suitable waiting period joined, we will put them up for adoption.

Thank you all for your understanding of this process -- and for your interest in and on-going support of our work.

Quick Updatery

Friday, January 8th, 2010 05:13 pm
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As mentioned elsewhere, the eArc of Saltation is now available from Webscriptions. Samples through Chapter Nine are available starting here, free for the reading. Please note that the draft of Saltation has been removed from the web, in keeping with our agreement with Baen.

The contract for Ghost Ship arrived yesterday, was perused today, and will be mailed back to Madame the Agent tomorrow.

I need to type up my presentation notes and practice them. I think what I have is good stuff. I also think it's way short.

Epiphany! I can do one of the Ghost Ship Fun! Scenes! right now! I don't have to wait until later in the book, because it totally works here and I'm psyched.

But. That's for tomorrow.

Because tonight?

Is date night.

I'll see y'all later.

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