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So, last night, just as we were going to bed, we had a bat invasion.  Followed a fun-filled 45 minutes while we convinced the coon cats that it was not their bat, but our bat; got Scrabble back from the Big Dark Outside, when she strolled while we were holding the door open for the bat to exit; and last but not least, I executed a net-throw that would have won applause in any gladiatorial display, and brought the bat down mid-flight, into the shopping bag that Steve was holding ready.

Yes, sometimes we really are that good.  The "net" by the way, was a mosquito net meant to be worn over a hat.  Here's a picture.

The bat was taken outside and released, whereupon we went to bed, but the coon cats did not, choosing instead to prowl the house, looking for their bat.


As of this morning, Sleeping with the Enemy: Adventures in the Liaden Universe® Number 22, by Sharon Lee and Steve Miller is available in paper from Amazon only.  Here's your link.

I will be converting the rest of the chapbooks as I have time and energy.  Nothing like a firm schedule, am I right?

As of this writing, in addition to Sleeping. . .  Change Management: Adventures in the Liaden Universe® Number 23and Due Diligence: Adventures in the Liaden Universe® Number 24 are also available in digital and paper editions.

And, now, having goofed off much of the morning; it's time to go to work.

See you on the flip-side.

Today's blog post title brought to you by -- of course! -- Meatloaf, "Bat out of Hell."  Here's your link.

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So, I haven't done a catch-up post in a few days. That would be because -- there's nothing really to catch up on.

We took a drive down to Old Orchard Beach last weekend and had a nice, relaxing time walking the beach and the town, sitting in the sun on the mall, eating ice cream and people-watching.  Hard to get enough people-watching.  Or, yanno, ice cream.

Steve and I have been alternating reading stories aloud for bi-weekly posting on Patreon, where they're available to patrons only for a month, before being moved to Splinter Universe, for the perusal of all.  Tomorrow, around noon, Eastern, "The Beggar King" will reveal itself, read by me, with a little help from Scrabble.  Previous readings have been, Steve reading "A Night at the Opera;" me reading "The Gift of Music;" and Steve reading "Charioteer."  It's about time for "Opera" to disappear from Patreon and re-appear on Splinter Universe.

For those coming in late, the Lee and Miller Patreon page is here.  Back in April, we introduced a new goal of $2,500/month.  As of this writing, we are a scant $96 from realizing that goal.

We've also been participating in #1stChapterFriday on Twitter, along with many of our colleagues.  Follow the hashtag for some provocative reading.  Or, here's a link that may or may not work (the ways of Twitter remain a Mystery, I fear).

As some of you may know, the twentieth novel set in the Liaden Universe®, and the fifth detailing the on-going adventures of Theo Waitley, aka The Gathering Edge, was published earlier this month.  This is where I ask those who have read it to please take the time to leave a review on Amazon, BN, Goodreads, or other sites.  As last year, with Alliance of Equals, we're hoping to hit the Magic Number of 100 Reader Reviews on Amazon.  Alliance wound up with 263 reviews, and TGE is well on her way, with 87 reviews already posted.

I find, in fact, that I am remiss in announcing here that The Gathering Edge hit Number Four on the Bookscan Bestseller list for the week of May 11.

And that?  Is all I've got, except a sincere Thank you! for everything you do, from reading our books, to recommending them to friends, to donating to our various causes, to writing encouraging letters.  We'd couldn't have gotten so far on this long, strange, sometimes scary, artistic journey we set ourselves on, without you.  Every one of you.

So, give yourselves a pat on the back, and bask for a moment in the gratitude of authors (I naturally can't promise you the gratitude of cats, though I'm sure they'd appreciate y'all too, if it happened to occur to them) -- and enjoy the weekend.

Five Minutes of Fame

Sunday, May 14th, 2017 12:22 pm
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So, yesterday, Steve and I journeyed to Augusta, where we meeted and greeted and talked and signed and importuned people who were on important errands and in general had a very good time being Authors on Display at Barnes and Noble.

We sold out of the Carousel Tides.  Apparently, if I could have somehow wandered the country, pressing the book into the hands of young women while whispering haunted carousel, I'd've had a bestseller on my hands.  We also sold a smattering of other books, including the new one!, and had a bunch of interesting conversations.  Only one person said "Ick!" (literally), when we told her the books were science fiction and fantasy, and several people took bookmarks/postcards for their sons, sons-in-laws.  Apparently, there are no daughters/daughters-in-law who read science fiction or fantasy.

Today, it's back to work.  Steve is re-reading Neogenesis; I've just finished recording "The Beggar King," which will be posted on Patreon on May 27, and, when I'm finished this blog post, I'll meander out to the kitchen to put together a pot of lentil soup against the general gray-and-pouring-down-rain-ness of the day.

And so it goes.  We don't have anything but writing a book on the professional calendar until August.  On the Real Life calendar, aside the ubiquitous health things, there's the possibility of going to the Kite Festival at Bug Light Park on Saturday, and scheduling the installation of the new roof (metal this time), but nothing really pressing there, either.  A quiet-ish few months.  That's not all bad.

Hope everyone is having a pleasant weekend.

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Y'all know what tomorrow is, right?


Tomorrow is Saturday, May 13, the day that Steve and I will be doing a meet 'n greet, and signing books at Barnes and Noble, 9 Marketplace Drive, Augusta Maine, from 1 to 3 pm.  Stop by and say hi.  Here's a link for further information.

Tomorrow is also the day that the next special goody for patrons only goes live on Patreon.  This week's goody is Steve, reading his story "Charioteer."  Here's your link to the Lee and Miller Patreon page.

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So, yesterday, we goofed off, and went to see Guardians of the Galaxy 2 (2D).  I had a great time with it, though I didn't come away with ribs sore from laughing, as reported by some.  Excellent gosh-wow space opera -- Rocket, of course.  Recommended.

I believe this completes my list of must-see movies for this year.

Local folks!  Steve and I will be signing books and talking (try to stop us!) at Barnes and Noble, 9 Marketplace Drive, Augusta, Maine, on SATURDAY, May 13, from 1-3 pm (that's, like, the day after tomorrow!).  More information here.  (Yes, we know there's an error in the names, but the rest of the info's good.)

The B&N gig is our last pro appearance until we hit Pittsburgh for Confluence in August, which we're really looking forward to.  Here's your link to the Confluence website.

Those who have read The Gathering Edge -- please consider leaving a review on Amazon, BN, Goodreads, &c.  We are once again trying to get one hundred! reviews on, and we're already more than halfway there.  The more reviews a book has, the more attention Amazon pays to it in promotions and whatnot, so your help is really appreciated.

For those who have not heard the news, we have a new goal at Patreon, and! every other week (more or less), we're posting a patron-exclusive audio file of Steve or me reading a story.  Steve kicked it off with "A Night at the Opera," I read "Gift of Music," and upcoming -- this weekend! -- will be Steve again, reading "Charioteer."  Check it out, here.

. . .I think that catches us up. Thank you for all you do -- and hope to see those who can make the journey at Barnes and Noble, on Saturday.

To get you warmed up, here's a picture of Steve, assembling Photographic Evidence.

Where were we?

Sunday, May 7th, 2017 10:40 am
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Ah, we were promoting The Gathering Edge, which came out on Tuesday of last week, the longest week of recent memory.

We had fun at the A(sk) M(e) A(nything) on Reddit, and had some good questions.  For those who couldn't make it, the transcript is available for your perusal.  Here's the link.

Those who have (already!) read The Gathering Edge, please consider leaving a review at Amazon, BN, Goodreads, &c.  The more reviews, the more exposure for the book, the better the chances of the Liaden Universe® pulling in new readers.  Thank you.

Those who want to talk about The Gathering Edge with other readers, there's a spoiler discussion at this link.

As reported yesterday, all of the pre-ordered signed and personalized copies have shipped from Uncle Hugo's.  If you haven't already received your book, it is on its way.

If you didn't pre-order, and now find that you want a signed copy of The Gathering Edge (where "signed" means "the authors wrote their names in the book"), the Uncle does have a few that need homes.  Here's your link.

This coming Saturday, May 13, from 1-3 pm, Steve and I will be hosting a meet 'n greet/book signing at Barnes and Noble in the Marketplace in Augusta, Maine.  Here's your link.

So, there's that.  A couple out-of-state bookstores invited us to come to them for events supporting TGE.  We regretfully turned them down, as we are still ruled by doctor appointments and cardio-gym, and the constraints of having only one driver on the team.  We will find out at the end of May whether Steve is cleared to drive again, and are cautiously optimistic.  Cautiously so as not to be Plunged in The Slough of Despond(tm), if clearance is withheld.

In the meantime, we have some fun things on the schedule -- we intend to see Guardians of the Galaxy 2 on Wednesday, for instance.  And, of course, Fifth of Five has some claim on our attention, so we're not bored, even if we're boring.

Everybody be good.

Here's a publicity shot from earlier in the week.

May 2, 2017

Tuesday, May 2nd, 2017 09:37 am
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Today's big news is!

A.  Steve made blueberry pancakes for breakfast this morning!
B.  I won at Scrabble last night!
C.  The Twitter-Facebook on-off love affair is ON again!
D.  The Gathering Edge is Officially Published, in hardcover! in ebook! in audio!

Let the dancing begin!


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I may have mentioned once or twice that The Gathering Edge by Sharon Lee and Steve Miller, the twentieth novel set in the star-spanning Liaden Universe®, will be published in hardcover, ebook, and audiobook, on May 2 (holy cow, that's Tuesday!)

Just to get the love going, here are some pre-Book Day activities for you.

First, if you haven't read it yet, there's "Cutting Corners" at  It's free to read, until May 14, and it'll get you in the mood for The Gathering EdgeHere's your link.

On Saturday, April 29, Patreon patrons will have a new goody waiting for them -- Sharon Lee (hey, that's me!) reading "The Gift of Music".  Yes, it's set in Archers Beach, instead of the Liaden Universe®, but it'll get you psyched, I promise!  Not a patron yet?  Here's your link.

On Monday, May 1, Steve and I will be doing an A(sk) M(e) A(nything) at Reddit.  You do need to be registered with Reddit to participate, so get that set up beforehand so you don't miss a thing!  Here's the link to sign up.

Tuesday, May 2, is the Big! Day!  The Gathering Edge will be released to the thousands who have been patiently awaiting its arrival, and!  It will get Very Quiet on the internets, while people settle down to read their book.

Wednesday, and Thursday, the internets will be abuzz as people discuss The Gathering Edge, quietly, so as not to spoil it for those who read slower, or who are waiting for the mass market, and Friday!

Friday, Steve and I will be featured on the Baen Free Radio Hour, talking about?  The Gathering Edge.

Wow, what a line-up, am I right?

But, wait!  There's more.

On Saturday, May 13, from 1-3 pm, Barnes and Noble in the Augusta (Maine) Marketplace will be hosting Steve and I at a meet 'n greet book signing.  We hope to see you -- yes, you! -- there.

I'll tell you a secret, just to kick things off.  Back when, just after Agent of Change came out the first time (as a mass market original, in January 1988), Steve and I, ahem, were really, really excited.  And our elders in publication at that time told us that, if we survived to publish more books, the release of a new one would become. . .mundane. Boring.

You know what, though?

We've published nineteen novels now, with the twentieth, as we may have mentioned, coming right up, and?

It NEVER gets old.

Let the dancing being.

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Things have been happening here at the Confusion Factory.  Also, things are about to happen.  Here's your handy guide to our Official Goin's-ons.

  1.  "Cutting Corners," a Liaden Universe® short story including but not limited to: norbears, pirates, and piloting re-certs is now live and ready for you -- yes, you! -- to read it.  Here's the link.
  2. The first Patreon goody has been posted -- Steve reading "A Night at the Opera," by Sharon Lee and Steve Miller.  This may be accessed by Patreon folks only.  After May 15, it will migrate to Splinter Universe for everyone's listening pleasure.  Here's your link.
  3. The second Patreon goody will be posted on or about Saturday April 29, and it will be my turn.  There's a poll open right now, to help me figure out which story I ought to read.  Here's a link to the poll.
  4. On May 1 at 12 noon Eastern Daylight Time, Steve and I will be hosting a pre-release A(sk) M(e) A(nything) at Reddit.  We hope you'll be able to join us.  You do need to register with Reddit in order to take part in the AMA.  You can register here.
  5. On Tuesday, May 2, The Gathering Edge, by Sharon Lee and Steve Miller, the twentieth novel-length adventure in the Liaden Universe®, will be published, in hardcover, ebook, and audiobook.
  6. On Saturday, May 13, from 1-3, Steve and I will be at the Barnes and Noble in the Augusta Marketplace in Augusta, Maine, hosting a meet and greet and a book signing, and we hope to see you there!

And now? You're all caught up.

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This is your last, your ultimate reminder.

The deadline for ordering personalized copies of The Gathering Edge, the twentieth novel in the Liaden Universe®, the direct sequel to Dragon Ship, the fifth book in the Theo Waitley story arc is!

Tomorrow, April 1, 2017

Everything you need to know about pre-ordering your book may be found at this link

Here ends your ultimate reminder.

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This is your Penultimate Warning.  If you wish to own a signed-and-personalized copy of the 20th Liaden Universe®, The Gathering Edge, you need to place your order with Uncle Hugo no later than Saturday, April 1 -- Holy Bananas! That's SATURDAY!

Everything you need to know in order to, yanno -- order, is AT THIS LINK.

In other news, work goes forth on Fifth of Five, PR is being done, checks have come in, checks are going out, coon cats are being spoilt.

In other words, all is right with the world, here at the Cat Farm and Confusion Factory.

And wish the same, for you.

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Uncle Hugo is taking pre-orders for signed and/or personalized* copies of the hard-bound edition of The Gathering Edge, by Sharon Lee and Steve Miller.

The deadline for ordering personalized copies is April 1.

Repeat:  The deadline for ordering personalized copies is April 1.

Here's your link to instructions and order form: Pre-order The Gathering Edge from Uncle Hugo.


*"Personalized" means that the authors will write, in addition to their names, a salutation requested by the reader.  The authors retain the right to refuse to inscribe any salutation for Reasons.

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A question has arisen regarding the Liaden Universe® eligibility for the Series Hugo.  I believe that the question was merely for 2016's "qualifying title," but in case there should be more information required, here it is.

Agent of Change, Del Rey Books, February 1988
Conflict of Honors, Del Rey Books, June 1988
Carpe Diem, Del Rey Books, October 1989
Plan B, Meisha Merlin Publishing, February 1999
Pilots Choice (original two-novel omnibus including Local Custom and Scout's Progress), Meisha Merlin Publishing, February 2001
I Dare, Meisha Merlin Publishing, February 2002
Balance of Trade, Meisha Merlin Publishing, February 2004
Crystal Soldier, Meisha Merlin Publishing, February 2005
Crystal Dragon, Meisha Merlin Publishing, February 2006
Fledgling, Baen, September 2009
Saltation, Baen, April 2010
Mouse and Dragon, Baen, June 2010
Ghost Ship, Baen, August 2011
Dragon Ship, Baen, September 2012
Necessity's Child, Baen, February 2013
Trade Secret, Baen, November 2013
Dragon in Exile, Baen, June 2015
Alliance of Equals, Baen, July 2016

The Gathering Edge, Baen, May 2017
Neogenesis, Baen, January 2018

Five Minutes of Fame

Tuesday, March 14th, 2017 01:45 pm
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I am reminded to remind you (which sounds like a Cheap Trick song, but isn't) that!


The Liaden Universe® as a Thing is eligible for the Best Series Hugo being test driven at this year's worldcon.

Also eligible are Alliance of Equals (Best Novel category, Baen); Wise Child (Novelette,; Friend of a Friend (Novelette, Pinbeam Books, Sleeping with the Enemy); Shame the Devil (Short Story, Zombies Need Brains, Alien Artifacts ), by Lee and Miller

And! These titles by Sharon Lee are eligible:  The Wolf's Bride (Novelette, Splinter Universe); Will-o'-the-Wisp (short story, Splinter Universe)

Hugo Nominations close on March 17.


Lee and Miller will be Author Guests of Honor at MidSouthCon 36, March 9-11, 2018, Memphis, TN.


Change Management: Adventures in the Liaden Universe® Number 23, including novellas "Street Cred," and "Wise Child," is now available for purchase at Baen Ebooks.  Here's your link.


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Uncle Hugo is now accepting pre-orders for signed and/or personalized copies of The Gathering Edge, the 20th novel of the Liaden Universe® created by Sharon Lee and Steve Miller many, many years ago when they should have been doing more productive things.  Instructions are at the link.  It will help you to recall going in that "personalization" means "In addition to their names, the authors will write something you have specifically requested that they write in your book."  It is also well to remember that the authors reserve the right to NOT include a particular personalization if it offendeth them for any reason. There is no appeal from the authors' judgment in this.

Pre-orders for personalizations will be taken until April 1.

This is your link to pre-order signed and/or personalized copies from Uncle Hugo.


It is a fact little realized that Agent of Change, the very first Liaden novel written, was published as a Paperback Original by Del Rey Books in 1988.  It was followed, latter in 1988, and in late 1989 by Conflict of Honors and Carpe Diem, also Paperback Originals.

This is important for a couple of reasons.

First! Publication in 1988 means that! in 2018, the Liaden Universe® will be 30 years old.

Second! In all that time, and through all the various shufflings and republishings of the various Liaden novels the first three have never been published as single hardcovers.

Third! Baen will be celebrating Thirty Years of Liad starting with a hardcover reprinting -- the very first hardcover printing! -- of Agent of Change in the spring of 2018, with Conflict and Carpe to follow.

Watch the skies for more details.


We are finishing up the 23rd Adventure in the Liaden Universe® echapbook, Change Management, including reprint "Wise Child," and original-to-this-chapbook "Street Cred," plus an About This Book by the authors.  It will be available from The Usual Suspects before the first of March.  We of course, shout from the rooftops and dance in the streets when it is published.


The eArc of The Gathering Edge is now available from Baen ebooks, and only from Baen ebooks.  Frequent visitors to this blog will recall that there is a three-way wager regarding the eArc going on, between Belle, Sprite, and me.  Here are the particulars.  The eArc will be available until and only until, the hardcover goes on sale, in May.

Here's your link to The Gathering Edge eArc.

. . .here endeth the Tuesday Evening Book Report.

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For those who missed the earlier announcement:  The eArc of The Gathering Edge, the twentieth novel set in the Liaden Universe® created by Sharon Lee and Steve Miller, is now available from Baen.

EArcs are only available from Baen; they are a specialty item that arose from the Baen Barfly community many years ago. EArcs contain errors in sentence structure, spelling, grammar. However, in our case at least, The Story is the exact same story that will be finally published in hardcover and in ebook.  EArcs cost more than the regular ebook edition because you are getting The Story approximately three months' ahead of final publication.

Belle and Sprite have entered the Betting Pool again for this release.  Details of the wager are included in this blog post.


For those who have downloaded the eArc of The Gathering Edge, read it, and now want to Talk About It, there is a spoiler discussion here.


Yes, the Uncle, aka Mr. Blyly at Uncle Hugo's Science Fiction and Fantasy Bookstore, will once again be offering signed and/or personalized copies of the new hardcover.  We'll let you know when the pre-order page for The Gathering Edge goes live.  In the meantime, there are still some signed copies of previously-published Lee and Miller titles here.


Neogenesis, formerly Fourth of Five, has been turned in to Baen. Yes, Theo does make an appearance in this book.  It is not, however, a "Theo book."  Neogenesis is currently scheduled for hardcover/ebook publication in January 2018.


Fifth of Five, which doesn't yet have a Public Title, is due at Baen on January 15, 2018.


We have five books scheduled for delivery after Fifth, so we continue to run the Red Queen's Race here at the Cat Farm and Confusion Factory.  This is, as you know, All Your Fault -- yes, you over there, it's your fault, too!  -- and we thank you very much for your continued support.

The books come in two contractual packages, to wit: the Masks (2 books); and the Triple Threat (3 books).  They will be set in the Liaden Universe®; beyond that -- no, we don't know, and it's no sense asking.  It really doesn't do much good to  talk about deadline dates this far out, but we're looking at having work into the next decade.


Here, have a picture of Belle on my printer:

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I see by my inbox that we have now entered SciFi Silly Season.  Here, in one handy list, are all eligible Lee and Miller, and Lee, works, published in 2016.

Alliance of Equals, Sharon Lee and Steve Miller, novel, Baen Books, July 2016
"Wise Child," Sharon Lee and Steve Miller, novelette,, June 2016
"Friend of a Friend," Sharon Lee and Steve Miller, novelette, Sleeping with the Enemy, Pinbeam Books, July 2016
"Shame the Devil," Sharon Lee and Steve Miller, short story, Alien Artifacts, Zombies Need Brains, August 2016

"The Wolf's Bride," Sharon Lee, novelette, Splinter Universe, January 2016
"Will-o'-the-wisp," Sharon Lee, short story, Splinter Universe, January 2016

And! Lest I forget -- which I almost did:  Lee and Miller's long-running Liaden Universe® is eligible for the Best Series category in the Hugo Awards.

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The last bundle of five Pinbeam Books titles has gone up for sale today at Baen ebooks.  Here's your link.

The November bundle includes:
Master Walk, by Sharon Lee and Steve Miller
Surfside, Archers Beach #4, by Sharon Lee
The Gift of Magic, Archers Beach #5, by Sharon Lee
Spell Bound, Archers Beach #6, by Sharon Lee
TimeRags, by Steve Miller

You may also buy each title separately, if you prefer.

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It's raining in East Winslow, and aims to do so all day.  So, fine.  I have a section, ahem, "outlined" and words to go before I sleep.

In the meantime, your Friday morning adverts.

  1. Sharon Lee and Steve Miller (and a Cast of Thousands) will be at the Rhode Island Comic Con in Providence, RI, November 11-13.  Look for us at the Wordfire Booth in the dealers room.  Here's your link

  2. "The Road to Pomona's," a new-old story, with author's commentary, has been posted to Splinter Universe.  Here's that link

  3. Lee and Miller and the Liaden Universe® were spotlighted in the October issue of Locus Magazine.  You can download a pdf of the article here.

  4. Speaking of the October issue of Locus, Alliance of Equals appeared in the Number 2 spot for bestselling hardcovers (in July).

  5. Alliance of Equals currently has 241 reviews on Amazon. Steve and I thank everyone who took the time to comment.  It's never too late to review a book on Amazon -- any book on Amazon, not just ours -- and by doing so you help the title, the writers, and other readers.

  6. The winter holidays will be here before you know it, and of course you want something Totally Cool to wear.  This is where the Liaden Universe® store at Offworld Designs comes in.  Polo shirts, long-sleeve denim shirts (in cool blue or formal black), the always--popular t-shirts, and! coffee mugs, which make a lovely gift for the hostess or host.  Here's your link.

  7. The Gathering Edge, the 20th novel-length Liaden Universe® adventure, will be published by Baen in May 2017.

  8. Neogenesis, the 21st novel-length Liaden Universe® adventure, has been scheduled for publication in January 2018.

  9. Steve Miller and Sharon Lee are currently scheduled to attend three science fiction conventions in 2017.  They are:  Boskone, February 17-19, 2017, Boston MA; Marscon (Lee and Miller, writer guests of honor), March 3-5, 2017, Bloomington MN; Confluence (Lee and Miller, writer guests of honor), August 4-6, 2017.

  10. Neogenesis, aka The Book Scheduled for January 2018 publication, now stands at 73,891 words, more or less.

As a reward for reading this far, here's a snippet:

"Only think! I may call upon soldiers and specialists. You may call upon -- forgive me -- a gaggle of pilots. While they are very fine pilots, they are of little use to us in the absence of --"

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Splinter Universe has been a little quiet lately.  So! Just to prove to the landlord that we still live there:  "The Road to Pomona's," by Sharon Lee, with author's commentary, is now live.

Here's your link.

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