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Today! is the Official Release Day* for Necessity's Child by Sharon Lee and Steve Miller

This is the book that nobly bore the working title of George, and which was pitched to Ms. Weisskopf at Baen, when was only a gleam in its authors' eye as "a steampunk Liaden story, with space gypsies."

Yeah, we almost hit that.

If you're new to the Liaden Universe® -- or if you're an old-timer who's on the fence about buying a "side book" -- you may, if you like, read  the first nine chapters, free, right here at the Baen webiste.

Necessity's Child hardcover is available from your favorite bookstore, and also from these fine vendors:

Uncle Hugo's Science Fiction Bookstore
And! in audiobook format from


*Yes, yes; I know some of you read it months ago.  You may dance, too!  No, really; I insist.

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. . .is now available, right here.

Eye Candy Alert!

Wednesday, September 19th, 2012 04:08 pm
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Not only the final art, but the cover, for Necessity's Child now available for viewing, right here.

George no more

Thursday, September 29th, 2011 07:03 pm
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The book under construction, previously known as “George” puts forth the following title-like title:  Necessity’s Child.

Yes, it’s quite close to Calamity’s Child, but it fits the story, and  I like the idea of  there being a poem somewhere in the Liaden Universe® comparable to “Monday’s Child.”  May have to work on that, in my abundant spare time.

Anyhow! Therefore! and unless something Even More Perfect should manifest between Now and Then, The Book Formerly Known as George is now officially Necessity’s Child, and shall henceforthwardly be referred to by that title.

In other news, “The Space at Tinsori Light,” which I had hoped to have up by October 12…may not make it by that date, due to Excessive Amounts of Life.  And the fact that “Tinsori Light” has a really intricate backstory, and slipping in backstory without resorting to infodumping is delicate, time-consuming work.  Thank you all for your patience.  We’ll get there, eventually.

Progress on Necessity’s Child
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“Because Mike Golden blocks my way, stupid, stupid boy!”

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So, a day of oddities and wonders.

The answer to the Very Simple Question is apparently not at all simple. This is…disappointing. I was hoping to get through the rest of this year (which started, as those playing along at home will recall) with Steve receiving a ICD implant, after a Discovered Check pulmonary situation during his stay in the hospital, last October, for pneumonia (deep breath) Without. Any. More. Drama.(tm).

Wishes, ladies and gentlemen, are apparently still not horses. You heard it here first.

Continuing with the theme, I today received in the mail the copyright certificate for Pilots Choice, which we filed for, it says here, in May 2009. I guess the Library of Congress ran out of stamps. Still, it’s good to see it, and it will be filed with its kinfolk, in due time.

Also! An Alert Reader lets us know that The Crystal Variation by Sharon Lee and Steve Miller, published earlier this month by Baen Books, an omnibus edition including three novels: Crystal Soldier, Crystal Dragon, and Balance of Trade — has been listed in Locus Magazine’s Classic Reprints section, here.

So, anyhow, I’m tired now; it’s been a long day, in it’s way.

See y’all tomorrow.

Progress on the Book Presently known as George
54,575 of 100,000 OR 54.6% complete

“By the blood of the Bedel,” Rafin breathed, “you have eyes, do you not, little one? This. . .” Strong teeth showed in a dark, angular face, as he held the ragged lump up and shook it. “This will do, I think. Eh? Eh?” The grin became a shout of laughter that rang the dark metal behind them.

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Proof ordered.

To the folks who asked if I had thought about CreateSpace/Lightning Source, the answer is — yes.  But, Amazon is slowing down delivery of Lightning Source books (discussion here), because, um, they can.  And CreateSpace is owned by Amazon and I’d really rather not put all of my eggs in Amazon’s basket (plus, I want to list on BN, too).  So, Lulu looked like a good compromise position.  I note and will look at Booklocker — thank roseaponi for the link — but not this evening.

In other news, the Cat Eating Machine (aka the vacuum cleaner) and I have concluded our bidness.  I note that Scrabble headed for the high ground, as is her habit, but Mozart — Mozart has apparently read Hex’s paper, published in the Journal of Proper Feline Behavior, in which he argues that a Supreme Disregard for the antics of the Cat Eating Machine ultimately nets more points of Cool, and has taken up this new philosophy.  He remained in his cat hammock — asleep — even though I vacuumed right under him.

Pretty dern Cool, I say.

Tomorrow, I have an appointment in town with a person who I hope can (and will) answer my Very Simple Question, then to the gym, and home again.

Who’s got something exciting planned for Monday?

Progress on the Book Presently known as George
53,427 of 100,000 OR 53% complete

“That,” he said in a fierce whisper, “is mine.”


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Scattered day, much thinking, small writing. I suspect that I will write one more chapter, so that I’ve achieved a Certain Point, then print out and read what’s here.

I did go to the gym today and meet with the trainer. I now have a workout routine! I did half of said workout routine today, as part of the training. My stomach muscles? Are really pissed off at me. I’m committing to three days a week — Monday, Wednesday, and Friday — an hour each day, even if I have to wimp out on the strength-building machines at first, and finish out the hour on the treadmill or the bike.

Go, me.

The other thing of note that I did today was order a new alarm clock. This was unexpectedly time consuming. Who knew buying a clock would be so hard? All I wanted was a dual alarm atomic clock with a thermometer. After much shopping and reading of reviews and specs, I compromised with a SmartSet Dual Alarm Clock Radio with Jumbo 1.3-Inch LED Display and Time Projector (Silver). You may ask, and reasonably, Why did you buy a clock that projects the time? And I would be forced to say, It came with.

Maybe there’ll be a way to turn it off.

In other news, I am exploring ways to offer print books to people who want them. To that end, I will be doing a tour of Lulu and seeing how much of a strain it will be to upload Barnburner as my Test Case.

Anybody who’s used Lulu have any advice/insight/warnings?

Progress on the Book Presently known as George
52,213 of 100,000 OR 52% complete

“Enough! We dream as one! Now, let us go and gather what is needed.”

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Sigh. Instead of clarifying matters, this afternoon’s meeting muddied them further. Must seek advice elsewhere. Honestly, ask a simple question…

Tomorrow! Back to the gym and a date with the trainer.

Tonight! Lunch. And a glass of wine.

Definitely, a glass of wine.

Progress on the Book Presently known as George
51,814 of 100,000 OR 51.8% complete

The chin lowered, black eyes wide now. “Maybe you blind,” Anna said. “Maybe you stupid.”

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I’ll do another compile of the Big List of Words tomorrow morning. I’m thinking we’re going to have to break the pronunciation project down into manageable chunks. Will need to think about this.

In the meantime, I am pleased to announce that at (long, long) last, George has broken 50 grand. We have half a book, ladies and gentlemen!

. . .but still no title.

Well. It’s not the longest time a book has gone without a title. Agent of Change got its title when I sat down to type the submission draft. And several books have had perfectly good titles that morphed during the writing process — the working title for Scout’s Progress was Mouse and Dragon, after all. Which was a Perfectly Fine Title (obviously), but just a little…off for that book. Happily, a Flash of Brilliance(tm) occurred.

…will wait for Flash of Brilliance(tm).

And write another 50,000 words in a line.

Progress on the Book Presently known as George
51,013 of 100,000 OR 51% complete

“I see it!” he said, looking to Udari. “Brother, I see what your eyes saw! Even a man of action might admire the tiny cock, fire in his eye and one wing trailing.” He slapped his thighs again.

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So far today, I’ve collated a Really Big List of Words; kept an appointment for an annual examination; dropped the everyday crescent necklace off at Day’s Jewelers to have the magnets re-attached (again! it’s just barely possible that the magnets are too strong for the chain); hit the gym for half-an-hour of gentle exercise and while there made an appointment with a trainer for Friday mid-morning for evaluation and a training routine; posted a splinter that didn’t make it into Ghost Ship, had lunch with Steve, finished the laundry, and now! I’m going to get with George.

My g0odness, you can get a let of useful stuff done when you don’t have a day-job!

Progress on the Book Presently known as George
49,947 of 100,000 OR 49.9% complete

“I hear our brothers at prayer,” Udari said.

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The bookkeeping is almost done. The little bit that’s left will have to wait until after the con.

The back-brain helpfully supplied me with the rest of the scene I was working on yesterday for George — the “rest” being the stuff that goes in between the sentences. I have made notes. The Leewit will of course be traveling with me, and I hope to have some few minutes to work, in between It All.

I will be freezing the discussion of copyright violation because I won’t be around to unscreen anonymous posts.

And now? I have to pack.

What’re y’all doing that’s fun?

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Yesterday! We installed the new Super Router we’d bought on our Monday expedition. It was easy, and fairly fraught-free. I did have to call Netflix, but the helpful young man who answered the phone got me all straightened out in about six seconds’ flat. Which means.

The television now streams Netflix.

Both The Leewit and Haysus can find and use the wireless signal in the living room.


Other than that, I banged some more on the bookkeeping, and wrote, and did laundry, and ranted on the intertubes. Boring ol’ day, really.

Today, I have an appointment to get my hair cut. I’m not ruling out magenta dye, but it’s equally possible that I’ll just stick with the silver.

After the hair cut, I need to pack, and finish the laundry, and catch up some more email, and explain to Scrabble and Mozart how, yes, we are going to be gone again for Days and DAYS, but that Mary will be right here with them, so that they won’t lack for quality service.

Tomorrow, we’re for Fitchburg, and the Great New England Steampunk Exhibition. See you there!

Progress on the Book Presently known as George
48,850 of 100,000 OR 49% complete

“Who’d thought such a little kid could make such a big mess outta Simon Says?”

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Misty Tuesday

Tuesday, September 13th, 2011 07:50 am
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Yesterday morning was all about errands and knocking mundane tasks off the list (The List).

Steve and I went down to the gym in Fairfield and got the tour, and a 14-day free pass. It’s a nice gym, clean, well-lighted, quiet (i.e. no Fox News blaring on four dozen televisions hung at all angles), and with no Crazy Guys throwing weights bigger than their heads into the air and catching them one-handed, which offends and horrifies me. I’m not into competitive exercise to the death; I just want to go in, do my thing, and get on with the day.

If this works out, the plan (The Plan) is to go early to gym three days a week (if I don’t go First Thing, I find reasons to put it off until Tomorrow, experience shows), get it over with, then take The Leewit down to Selah Tea for a writing session before running whatever in-town errands need to be accomplished and going home.

This would make a radical change in my writing, and life, habits (I don’t think our gym guide quite believed me when I said, “No, really sedentary. Everything I like to do consists of standing or sitting still.”), and is worth a try for a couple reasons. We’ll see how the experiment goes.

In other news, one of the things that Steve and I intend to do realsoonnow is produce and publish to the Korval website a pronunciation guide to Liaden. We can do the recording here with Audacity, but we’ll need someone to help with the editing. Can anyone volunteer? I don’t know how much time it would take, being Vastly Ignorant on these topics; I imagine not weeks, since there really aren’t that many Liaden words*.

Today, is about bookkeeping, and laundry, con-prep, writing, and…there was something else. It’ll come to me.

For those who missed the announcements yesterday, there’s a new story up at Splinter Universe. Tell your friends who may not be within the sound of my voice.
*I will, after we’re back from the Steampunk Expo, put out a call for Words You’d Like to Hear Pronounced, so we can have that list more-or-less all in one place. Please don’t tell me now. Thanks.


Progress on the Book Presently known as George
47,802 words/100,000 OR 47.8% complete

Among the Bedel it was said that all gadje looked alike — a joke of the kompani. And even were it not a joke, Kezzi thought, she defied anyone to say that this gadje looked like anyone else.

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Wow, is that a classy headline, or what?

Anyhow — remember ‘way back the beginning of the summer when NPR asked everybody within the sound of their pixels to nominate books-and-series for their Top 100 Science Fiction and Fantasy Book List? Well! They’ve whittled the first list of 5,000+/- titles down to the top 250 and now they need your help again. Go here and choose your personal top 10 from the list provided. Full disclosure: Yes, “The Liaden Universe by Sharon Lee & Steve Miller” is on the list.

OK, that. What’s next? Droid apps! Actually, Droid app. Those of you who use your Droid to make notes-to-self — which app do you use? I had just about settled on one that looked to be everything I wanted and more! (having narrowly talked myself out of the one that takes notes in 18th century copperplate), but upon reading the fine print, it would appear that this particular app prevents the phone from going to sleep, which means, as I understand the matter, the phone will chew through its battery faster. Yes, the Droid does have the increased capacity battery (the first thing I do for my gadgets, after they’ve taken the Oath of Fealty, is fix ‘em up with the high-capacity battery and more memory, if applicable), but I’m going to be traveling by train, and power outlets are not always as plentiful as one would wish.

How’m I doing here? One more topic to cover.

Who can help me with LJ-Book? I…can’t seem to get a book out of it. It’s probably something very, very simple that I’m doing wrong, but at this point it seems pretty clear that I’m not going to find it on my own.

In other news from around the Cat Farm, yesterday was the Official! Ghost Ship Release Day. The sales numbers on Barnes and Noble have been dancing around in the 400 and 500s, which is pretty dern awesome; and in the 700 to 900 range at, which also Isn’t Too Bad.

It’s been difficult to work without Hexapuma keeping a watch over my keyboard, but I have been paying attention to the submissions for the writing workshop Steve and I are leading on WorldCon Thursday, and also to George. That last is going a little less quickly than I want, but I’m at one of the anchor scenes, and it has to be right — set deep and straight.

The WorldCon dance card is filling right up. Looks like I’m going to sprint out to the museum for mummies on Wednesday morning before the con starts — which, for us, will be Wednesday at 3:45, at the Sierra View Library. Still have to locate a laundromat for…Sunday sometime, that looks like. Except for those two outside excursions, it’ll be All Con, All the Time.

Today…can’t figure out if it’s going to rain or just be cloudy, cool and damp. I can go with either of those, frankly, because? I’ll be at the dining room table, staring at a blank page until the drops of blood break out on my forehead.

Wish me luck.

Progress on the Book Presently known as George
45,844 words/100,000 OR 45% complete

“You see them don’t you?” she whispered, her breath hot against his cheek and smelling faintly of mint. “You see them, inside the darkness. They’re waiting for us, eh? Aren’t they? Waiting to eat us, and spit out our souls.”


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Today was consumed by phone calls and shoes.

The phone calls — vet appointments have been set; appointments for annual check-ups for the non-feline members of the household have been set; home visits from CPAP techs have been arranged. Truly, I am Queen of the Telephone.


The truth is — if these folks did appointments by email, I’d've been done weeks ago. Telephones are an instrument of the devil. I thought so even when we were on a party line.

(and who knows what that is, anymore?)

Regarding shoes — I had ordered in two pair from Zappos — a “sensible” pair, which I figured I’d keep; and a pair of Frye oxfords that I wanted to see, having once owned and put manymany hundreds of miles on a pair of Frye boots. I figured that, once seen, the oxfords would be returned.

Except — the sensible shoes were not only Sensible to the point of ugliness, they didn’t fit.

And the Frye oxfords?

Fit like they were made for my feet alone.

. . .I bow to my doom.

I did get a few words written on behalf of George, and Steve and I worked out a motivation problem in what will be Story the Oneth in the Liaden Universe® short story extravaganza. I hope to have time to plot that out in detail tomorrow.

Tomorrow is, by the way, Wednesday, which is the Monday of day-job summertime. Happily, it is immediately followed by Thursday, which is the Friday of same.

Progress on the Book Presently known as George
43,885 words/100,000 OR 44% complete

Or maybe Rudy stood on principle with the brats of bosses.

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The author at work

Sunday, June 12th, 2011 08:47 pm
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Today’s eChapbook upload to Smashwords was Shadows and Shades: Adventures in the Liaden Universe® Number 8 I thought I might get another one up this evening, but Events Conspired against me.

Tomorrow is — Monday! So what? Well…I need to drive Mozart to to his stylist tomorrow morning, and Steve has some appointments in the city, but I — don’t. Which is good.

The other thing of use that I did today was work on George, to the tune of nearly 2,000 words added to the rumble and roar, which, lately, is a Stellar! Day! of writing. This stint gets us to the end of Chapter Sixteen, new ground, all, so — yay.

Progress on the Book Presently known as George
43,008 words/100,000 OR 43% complete

Yeah, Mike thought, some people were too stupid to come in outta the snow.

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Man, summer vacation is the greatest.

Yesterday, I tidied my office inasmuch &c. It had just gotten too messy to write in. I can’t say that it’s tidy as I sit here, but it’s tidy enough, and that’ll do.

Today, I converted and uploaded Loose Cannon: Adventures in the Liaden Universe® Number 7 to Smashwords. Because of its reviewing process, it is taking those books I’m uploading quite some time to propagate out to the other vendors, but for those who consider Smashwords to be their Bookstore on the Web, the Liaden Universe® is coming your way. My goal is to upload a book a day, which should get everything we have up in…counts on fingers…seventeen days. Which means by the end of June, even given a break for PortConME, which is coming up in Portland, June 24, 25, and 26.

Today, I also worked on George, breaking new ground. Hopefully this work will pick up, too, now that we’re into a saner headspace. For values of sane that include comfortable and usual, for me, if not necessarily for you.

And now, work done, I’m going to go rustle up some lunch. Steve had mentioned that the potstickers we had narrowly missed having for breakfast on Friday might make a good lunch.

I think he’s onto something.

Progress on the Book Presently known as George
41,082 words/100,000 OR 41% complete

"I fear that you will not walk far with me at your side," he said. "But I will gladly go as far as I might, with a brother."

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Suddenly, it’s summer.

I have the window beside my desk open; the breeze is pleasant and occasionally brings me the scent from the lilacs on the other side of the screen.

At the moment, Hexapuma is occupying the co-pilot’s chair at my left while Mozart reclines beside the keyboard, his chin on my knuckles, making it, may I just say? so very easy to type.

The weekend thus far has been very pleasant and moderately productive. Steve has made us several splendid dinners; the laundry is done; I’ve uploaded two ebooks to Smashwords, Fellow Travelers and Duty Bound, and finished up the revisions on George-as-it-now-stands.

Tomorrow is Monday, and you know what? I don’t care.

I could get used to this.

Hope everyone who celebrates is having a similarly pleasant holiday.

Progress on the Book Presently known as George
38,821 words/100,000 OR 38.8% complete

Nova eyed her henchwoman sternly. Yes, definitely amused. How delightful that one’s staff was happy in their work.

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Yesterday, I did lawn cleaning detail. Also, I worked in the garden. This turned out to be a Very Stupid Idea. I can either work in the garden and trash my hands and my bad shoulder or I can not work in the garden and avoid subsequent unpleasantness.

You’d really think I’d remember this, wouldn’t you? Especially given the system of reward and punishment involved. Sheesh.

In other news on the weekend, two more chapbooks have been added to the ever-growing pile on Amazon and BN — Dragon Tide: Adventures in the Liaden Universe® Number 13, and Certain Symmetry: AitLU Number 4. They should be showing up tomorrow-ish, I’m guessing.

This weekend also brought the happy news that there will be a mass market edition of Carousel Tides hitting bookstores early next year — February 2012, is the informed guess.

I’ve also made some small headway on the outline of my talk for Thursday, but I obviously need to make more. Should’ve done that today, but today I decided to work on George.

Those who pre-ordered, or who were waiting the release of Korval’s Game (omnibus release of Plan B and I Dare)– your patience has been rewarded. The book is shipping as I type.

And now, it’s gotten late, for values of late that include the fact of tomorrow being Monday.

What did y’all do this weekend that was cool?

Progress on the Book Presently known as George
38,598 words/100,000 OR 38.6% complete

She didn’t think she would like to see the things that Droi did, that lived around corners, and under rocks, and in the lightless place of World That Might Be.

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Got lots of stuff done this weekend. Still got lots of stuff to do. Day-job not high on the list of things to do that seem either useful or remunerative.

Ah, well.

I’m still thinking about the best disposition of the things that fell out of my closet. Yes, when I decide what’s going up to eBay and when, I will let y’all know first.

No echapbooks created today. Maybe tomorrow. As of right now, the Compleat List of electrified, DRM-free chapbooks stands at eleven. Here are the titles:

Allies: Adventures in the Liaden Universe® Number 12
Calamity’s Child
Fellow Travelers: AitLU Number 2
Halfling Moon: AitLU Number 16
Master Walk: Tales of the Advocacy Number One
Misfits: AitLU Number 15
Necessary Evils: AitLU Number 11
Skyblaze: AitLU Number 17
The Cat’s Job
Two Tales of Korval: AitLU Number 1
With Stars Underfoot: AitLU Number 10

The chapbooks are available from:

Barnes and Noble

Progress on the Book Presently known as George
37,038 words/100,000 OR 37.4% complete

School was nothing at all like guesting with Maelin and Wal Ter at Glavda Empri, and sharing their tutors and lessons.

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