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Friday, July 28th, 2017 11:51 am
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. . .nor dead yet, either, to the apparent disappointment of some.  I don't suppose this is the only career in which we eat our elders, still. . .

So, let's see. . .

First, thank you so much to all of the supporters of our Patreon fund, particularly today, because -- you made the funding goal this month.  Give yourselves a big hand and, for those who are limber, a pat on the back.  Steve and I really appreciate your generosity.*

On the writing front, I have decided to indeed to push on to the end of the scene, rather than hold back and hope that being in media res would make re-immersion after the projected break easier.  'Twas the tea tin that did it, and you all now know what to blame.

On the all-important clothes front, I see that my problem of having too many t-shirts is solving itself, and the timing couldn't be better, what with a convention and a time among the tourist attractions coming right up.  rubs hands in anticipation

Y'all do know that Steve and I will be writer Guests of Honor at Confluence next weekend, right?  (Here's the link.)  Among the other festivities, Steve will be doing a reading from a work not yet announced.  I will be reading "Emancipated Child," which I've never had a chance to read to a live audience, so I'm very excited, and!  I will also be. . .giving? my rant regarding the writing of "believable female characters," which is something I thought I'd never do again, but -- never say never.

Steve and I will also be doing a GOH presentation, a kaffeeklatsch, a Friends of Liad breakfast (not a con-event; every attendee pays for their own breakfast), and lots and lots of stuff -- and that's just us!  Honest, you've gotta come to Confluence, if you possibly can; it's going to be a great weekend.

Here's your link to the main program schedule.

Steve's schedule is here.

And, here's my schedule.

Looking to see you -- yes, you! -- there!

And now. . .to work, with a side order of prelim packing.

*This does not mean that we are not appreciative of the generosity of All The Rest of You -- we are very grateful for all and everything you do.  Thank you!



Tuesday, July 4th, 2017 03:31 pm
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Just made reservations for three nights at Niagara Falls.

This is Going to Happen!


Moving on now to Binghamton.

Local-to-Binghamton NY folks:  Why is there no Carousel Tour?  Why is there no Carousel Package offered by any of the local hotels?  Golf packages -- eh.  You can take your golf packages and pitch  'em straight outta Broome County for all o'me.  A carousel package, now? You got my interest.

And now with all that excitement out of the way. . .

Time to go to work.

Beginning the week

Monday, June 26th, 2017 07:16 pm
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So, the folks across the road from our back woods are building a house.  This is nothing new, they cleared the lot, oh, four years ago, and from time to time a truck and a couple guys would show up, perform Mystery Tasks and go away again.

Well, apparently they decided that This Summer is the Summer of the House, and they've been going at it, hammer, tongs, bulldozer, dump trucks, and electric drills from early to late.  Last night, the last dump truck delivery happened at 9:30, as I was reading a chapter from The Cat Who Saw Red (we alternate chapters), and the cats were in their places in the kitchen, listening avidly (big Koko fans in this house; though Trooper thinks Yum-Yum is just shy) -- and we all jumped at least a foot when the gate slammed open.

It's gotten to the point that I can't really figure out what they can be building down there.  Based on the amount of activity, it may well be an apartment complex.  Or possibly a space elevator.

In other news, work goes forth.  For the record, writing the last book in a five-book arc, which is simultaneously the last book in a 21-book arc -- is hard.

Who knew?

Today included baking another couple loaves of bread, which turned out well, and have been tucked into the freezer next to a half-loaf of last Friday's Pullman bread.  I think we're good for bread for the next week or so.  Which is a mixed blessing.  May have to switch to making cookies for displacement activity -- which is a much more perilous undertaking.

I have, in between this and that, finished the first draft of "Due Diligence," and have put it aside to rest while I pursue other work.  Such as choosing and reading the next story for our Patreon supporters*.

Speaking of which, I have one more bit of business to finish this evening, and then I'm done for the day.

Everybody stay cool.

*Not a Patreon supporter?  Check it out.

Thus far...

Friday, June 23rd, 2017 10:50 am
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So far this morning, have eaten excellent scrambled eggs and potatoes provided by Steve.

At breakfast, we figured out the ending of the cheater story, now titled "Due Diligence," which also had the nice side-effect of straightening out the first scene, and providing a yummy scene in the middle (Lady yo'Lanna, For. The Win!).  So that can go forward and possibly be wrapped up today.

Have also started a loaf of Pullman bread.

Tomorrow, we're due in Bangor for Active Bystander Intervention training, provided by the ACLU, and then the plan is to have lunch at the local family Italian restaurant.

So, what're y'all doing that's fun?


And that's a wrap

Saturday, January 28th, 2017 12:13 pm
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Neogenesis, the twenty-first novel in the Liaden Universe®, the 75th Lee and Miller collaboration,  has been submitted to Madame the Editor.

The manuscript weighs in at approximately 142,000 words/601 manuscript pages.

From the reader perspective, this is the book after the next book, the next book being The Gathering Edge, which is to be published in May.   Neogenesis is currently scheduled for January 2018 publication.

So.  I'm thinking risotto for dinner, with maybe a glass of wine.

How about you?

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So, here we are at the start of a new week!  Let's see what's on the roster.

  1. This is Week Five of the Do It Like A Delm Challenge.  We have two challengers already, both taking the theme of knitting.  You may view them here.  Think you can do better?  Enter the list of challengers!  Rules are here.  Don't want to enter, but really want some Cool Liaden Gear?  Here's your link, and remember!  Liaden Universe® shirts make wonderful presents!

  2. Belle has developed a limp off of her right front leg.  We haven't been able to find anything obvious -- she just lies still and purrs when I probe; nothing seems to hurt.  So, anyway, a trip to the vet tomorrow, Just to Be Sure.

  3. The guy who replaced the chimney was just here, and confirmed that, yep, that spot up there on the roof does need caulking.  Which he couldn't do today, because it had rained overnight, so! More contractors in our future.

  4. Speaking of contractors:  We hope to hear back from the various folks who need to be involved in Generator Installation today, and!

  5. Mike the Electrician will be by late in the week to install my new ceiling fan, a circumstance that fills me with a really embarrassing amount of anticipatory delight.

  6. The Rocky Horror Show (the play; the movie is The Rocky Horror Picture Show) will be playing at the Waterville Opera House in late October.  I tried to buy tickets online this morning, forgetting that the Opera House's website never does work properly in re the online purchase of tickets, and I will therefore need to make a phone call.  Boo.  On the other hand, I've never seen Rocky Horror, and really ought to close this gap in my fannish resume.

  7. We have a Skype interview scheduled for next Monday, which means that this week?  I need to get a haircut.

  8. Besides all that, of course, we have work to do, stories and novels to write!  So, yanno -- onward, upward, and sideways, as appropriate.

And that?  Is all I got.

Here, have a picture of Belle and Sprite to start your week off right:

Belle and Sprite. Apparently, Sprite has just been Interesting.Belle and Sprite. Apparently, Sprite has just been Interesting.

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by Sharon Lee and Steve Miller

Approximately 129,659 words

September 15, 2014

That is a wrap. The novel has been emailed to Madame the Editor and is now officially Her Problem.

For those playing along at home, Dragon in Exile is, according to the Card File of Notoriety, the 67th piece of collaborative fiction Lee and Miller have committed. It may also be the hardest novel we've ever written, but it'll take a few days in the Objective Zone to fully decide that.

Right now, my head is full of wet spaghetti, and I'm exhausted, as is Traditional. Unfortunately, I really can't go to sleep right now, though there's nothing that says I can't sit on the porch and doze in the sun, so that's what I'm going to do.

I will be contacting the winners of the Carousel Seas Birthday Surprise Contest tomorrow, Monday, September 15. Thank you for your patience.

 Today's blog title is brought to you by Mr. Bruce Springsteen.  Here's your link.
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I finished the Ultimating of Dragon in Exile in the wee hours of the morning. For those playing along at home, the word count stands at 127,690  -- or! 128% complete.

Today, I'll print out and Steve will read the book from "The. . ."  all the way to "own."  We are, just a smidge, ahead of schedule.

This timing is actually going to work well, because among yesterday's treasures was a call from our real estate agent, telling us that we need to vacate the house this afternoon so that it can be shown.  So!  This morning -- straighten the house and print out the manuscript.  This evening -- um?  Scrabble?  Rummy?  My Neighbor Tortoro?  Tomorrow -- we're scheduled to look at two houses in town in the afternoon, around which errands Steve will read the manuscript and I will read. . .something else.  After he finishes his read, I will fix any problems he has identified, or -- if it is a Perfect Manuscript, which is, of course, Exactly What We Expect(tm) -- I'll simply make sure things are spelled correctly, convert the manuscript to .doc and email it to Madame the Editor.

Whereupon there will be MUCH rejoicing.

Remember that the Birthday Planning Challenge to win a free! audio! edition! of Carousel Sun by Sharon Lee (hey, that's me!) is still going on.  Rules and entry forms HERE. Thanks to everyone who has entered so far; you guys think I'm some kind of adventurous.

And now?  I need to refill my coffee cup and turn on the Cat Eating Machine.

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So!  We here at the Cat Farm did not get whacked with eleventymillion inches of snow, thanking all appropriate deities.  Conditions are currently sunny, but windy, taking the 24F/-4C down to 12F/-11C.  I have dealt with the snow on the deck and stairs, and cleared off the cars, noting that the amount of precipitation is so trivial that the plow guy has not yet made his first pass, to clear the (teensy, tiny) berm.

Now, I've had my first cup of coffee and a piece of 12-grain bread with butter, and I'm considering going to the movies.

Sadly, Frozen -- y'all talked me into it! -- isn't showing at the Waterville Cinema, having been replaced by Winter's Tale, about which I'm. . .ambivalent.  But! Frozen is showing at the Augusta Cinema, 30 miles thataway.

MEDot claims the roads are intermittently snow-covered, what a surprise.  If I go down 202, instead of risking my life to those who believe that one must travel at 85 mph on I95 no matter the conditions, the trip should be relatively pleasant.  Leave early, stop at B&N (conveniently located right next door) to sign Carousel Sun, if any, catch the early show and be back before full dark.

*checks wallet*

Well.  Hello, Mr. Jackson.

Hmmmm. . .

Moving on. . .

Wednesday, November 27th, 2013 07:38 pm
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The weather that manifested as blizzards and snowstorms in other parts of the US rode into Maine as torrential rains on the back of an unseasonably warm, and extremely damaging, wind.  We have flood warnings for every river and stream, standing puddles in every lawn, and gullies clogged with leaves overflowing into the roads.  Tree limbs are down, and though we haven't lost power in our neck of the woods, others -- quite a few others -- have.

It's stopped raining for the moment.  The weatherbeans are calling for temperatures plummeting to 29F/-2C tonight, and precipitation in the form of ice pellets.

Steve and I went to town at midday to pick up our deli-made Thanksgiving dinner; and we intend to Stay Right Here at the Confusion Factory for the next couple of days, if not the entire weekend.

It will be a working holiday, as Thanksgiving often is, with writing early in the day, then knocking off for dinner and a game of Scrabble.

I am, let it be known, working again, having accepted the path of wisdom and thrown away the outline (such as it was) for this book.  So, yay.  It would sort of be nice if the book would cough up with at least a working title, but I guess we can get along with "One" for a while yet.

Also, I have identified a Hot Fudge Sundae scene, which makes me happy.  Things always go better with when there's a Hot Fudge Sundae to write toward.

I hope everyone is safe and warm where you are, and that the holiday, if you celebrate, gives you comfort.  For those who don't celebrate a holiday tomorrow -- I hope your day is stress-free.  Unless you like that sort of thing.

* * *

Progress on One of Five

10,012/100,000 OR 10 percent complete

Well, and none of that solved Theo, poor child, cast from Frenzel to ragtag Cresthaller, and not a profit made from either. It was scarcely the best use of a new -- not to say, unwilling -- trader, much less a new-found cousin. Happily, her nature appeared tenacious, and he dared hope that she hadn't yet become discouraged.


Thursday, August 1st, 2013 05:50 pm
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Carousel Seas

by Sharon Lee

Approximately 106,817 words

Submitted August 1, 2013

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Last night I finished the penultimate draft of Carousel Seas, the last book in the Archers Beach trilogy.  Now the manuscript (and the author) get a couple days to breathe before I dive in among the commas for a last pass.

Also?  I get to clean off my desk.  The picture below is your reminder that creativity is messy.

Now, I get to clean off my deskThe desk at the end of the draft

* * *

Progress on Carousel Seas

100,358/100,000 words OR 100.36% complete

Here ends the penultimate draft


Monday, February 11th, 2013 04:15 pm
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Carousel Sun

Sharon Lee
Approximately 104,000 words

February 11, 2013

On the road again

Thursday, November 15th, 2012 10:59 am
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Today it's your turn, Skowhegan!  We're off for the long-delayed eye exams, and to run various errands, probably including new glasses (sigh).

For those wondering What On Earth the Woman is Doing, I offer the following notes on progress:

1.  Reviewed and signed contracts for seven novels and one novella.  Steve put them all in the mail yesterday evening.

2.  Threw away 2300-ish words on the commissioned short story and started again, this time with an outline and a break-out of POV for each scene.  The new iteration stands at 839 words, and feels much better.

3.  Regarding yesterday's report of piracy, someone asked how books get pirated.  Short answer is that someone buys a legitimate copy and decides that it is their right, and their duty, to make it available to as many people as possible, for free.  Before ebooks were as common as they are now, some people spent what I can only imagine was days, scanning books and uploading them to pirate sites.  I'd say you have to admire that kind of dedication, but, honestly?  I don't.

As to why they do it...some justify their behavior by saying that they can't find the books through legal channels (obviously untrue in the case of Necessity's Child).  Others will say that they're working to throw off the tyranny of copyright/the big publishers/millionaire authors; that they are in fact, vanguards of The Revolution.

In the end, it really doesn't matter why they do it; they're still stealing.  Not only that, they know they're stealing and they know it's wrong, which is why they make with the justifications.

4.  As reported elsewhere, I am currently somewhat short of spoons (see Spoon Theory).   This means that I may be scarce on The Intertubes; I promise to check in when I can.

...I think that catches everything up.

Everybody play nice.

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Tomorrow, there will be packing, and a farewell walk through town, and another down the beach.  Thursday, will be driving, my Triumphant Return™ to the Cat Farm and Confusion Factory -- and unpacking.

So, tonight's writing represents the last that will be done, on location, for Carousel Sun.

My goal for this small writing adventure was to return home with 60,000 words of Carousel Sun in hand, and I will be taking home 60,852; 40,576 written here, for a smoot over 1800 words a day for 28 writing days.

I was just chatting with Steve, and I said that I'd been writing this one based on the "what happens next" school of plotting.  Since the Carousel books are first-person, they lend themselves far more readily to that sort of approach than, say, a Liaden book.

On the other hand, I can head-hop to my heart's content in a Liaden book, and for the Carousels, I'm stuck inside Kate's head.

Each form has its good and its bad...

So, anyway, I'm sad to be going back up-country. . .for a number of reasons -- sidewalks, the ocean, a train station right downtown, less than two miles to the ultramodern grocery story, a half-mile walk to the in-town IGA.

On the other hand, I'll be glad to be back at the Cat Farm and Confusion Factory; I missed Steve and the cats, and the sound of semi-automatic rifles, firing in the gravel pit down the road.

OK, the last one, maybe not so much.

I sort of wonder what individual things I'll be glad to return to, that get lost in the gestalt of "home."  I wonder what unexpected things I'll miss from this apartment, which was arranged for the convenience of someone else.  I suspect I'll miss the ceiling fans.  A lot.  The upstairs neighbors or the washing machine from hell?  Maybe not.

But mostly, what I'm going to be when I get home?  Is busy.  Really busy.  So I'm glad I had some down-time, too, along with the general productivity.

For those keeping score:

Progress on Carousel Sun
60,852/100,000  OR 60.85% Complete

"Then I won't cross him," he said, and turned to go just as the first group of five -- four kids and one harassed-looking woman with several ticket books in her hand -- walked under the carousel's cheery roof.

rolanni: (baby dragon from rainbowgraphics)

Tomorrow is an electron-free day here at the Cat Farm and Confusion Factory; y'all have a nice day.

In other news, work progresses.  Carousel Sun has now cracked the magic 15,000 mark.  I believe I may be writing Mundane Fantasy.

Progress on Carousel Sun
15,880/100,000 OR 15.8% COMPLETE

"You're insulting me, Kate. Fifteen percent or I walk."


Friday, March 30th, 2012 09:24 pm
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Necessity’s Child
A Liaden UniverseĀ® Adventure
Sharon Lee and Steve Miller
Approximately 110,00 words

Submitted: March 30, 2012

Cabana boy!Ā  Bring me my wine!

Originally published at Sharon Lee, Writer. You can comment here or there.

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