Saturday, July 4th, 2015

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So far today, I've balanced the checkbooks, taken care of some outstanding bills, drafted an InfoDump -- now in Steve's hands -- and scrubbled Trooper's belly multiple times, Trooper being of the opinion that he's low on belly-rubs already this month.  He could be right.

On deck for supper:  hot dogs, potato salad, and, I dunno, how's baked beans sound to you?  Fine?  Cool.  Baked beans.  And iced tea, of course.

After supper, I'll be printing a reading copy of Alliance of Equals, sending the InfoDump out into the wild, and writing the commentary for Chapter 11 of Shan and Priscilla Ride Again. Tonight, maybe we'll watch a movie.  Or maybe not.  We won't be going to the fireworks, but will stick close to the cats.  Neither Trooper nor Sprite is a fan of explosions, and we don't yet know where Belle stands on the subject.

Frequent auditors of this journal will recall that things have been a little. . .busy here at the Cat Farm and Confusion Factory.  The craziness started more-or-less at the beginning of June, when we handed Alliance in, leapt into the book-tour, returned home to some family drama, and the (supposed) re-mortaring of a couple bricks on the chimney, which turned into a Complete Demolish-and-Rebuild over three action-packed days, then the trip down to New Hampshire to bring Belle home, the advent of the drywall guy, and Steve's painting of that same drywall, only yesterday.  Today, we'll get the painting hung back where it belongs, on that newly-installed, and painted wall behind which reposes a Brand! New! Chimney!, and take that as a period on a month of turmoil.

Monday, we'll be back to the Usual Schedule, and what a relief that will be to everyone.

Today's blog title brought to you by Ray Wiley Hubbard, "After All These Years."  Here's your link.

Oh, and here, have a picture of Trooper's newly-scrubbled belly:

Trooper helping me balance the checkbook.Trooper helping me balance the checkbook.

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It's All About the Clothes -- Liaden Tshirts and More!
Sharon Lee and Steve Miller have teamed up with Outworld Designs to bring you -- yes, you! -- Liaden Universe® tshirts, polos, and denim shirts.  Here's the link to the search page. Click on the thumbnail to see the whole shirt, and to pre-order the items of your choice.

Signed Copies of Liaden Universe® Constellation, Volume 3
The deadline for pre-ordering personalized copies of this upcoming collection has passed, but!  you can still pre-order signed copies. Uncle Hugo's also has signed copies of many other Lee-and Miller, and Lee, titles.  Here's your link to pre-order and to browse other volumes.

RavenCon, Here We Come!
Miller and Lee will be Writer Guests of Honor at RavenCon, April 29-May 1, 2016, in Williamsburg, VA!  Here's your link.

Mark Your Calendars!
Liaden Universe® Constellation, Volume 3 publication date: August 4, 2015
Dragon in Exile, mass marked edition publication date: June 2016
Alliance of Equals, the 19th novel in the Liaden Universe® publication date: July 2016
The Gathering Edge, the 20th novel in the Liaden Universe® turn in date: February 2016

Bestsellers Again!
Looking for signed copies of Dragon in Exile?
These fine book shops hosted Lee and Miller on the book tour that helped us hit the Bookscan Science Fiction Bestseller list for June 6 at #3 in hardback and #9 overall. They'll probably still have a few signed copies of Dragon in Exile – stop by and tell them the authors sent you!

Pandemonium Books, 4 Pleasant Street, Cambridge MA
Toadstool Bookstore, Colony Mill Marketplace, 222 West Street, Keene NH
Toadstool Bookstore, 586 Nashua Street, Milford NH
Annie’s Book Stop of Worcester, 65 James Street, Worcester MA
Northshire Books, 424 Broadway, Saratoga Springs, NY
Flights of Fantasy, 381 Sand Creek Road, Albany NY

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