Friday, June 2nd, 2017

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This post is reflected, though slightly amended, from Facebook.

I have a question, O, Internets:

A little background, first. Many years ago, after we had sold our first three books, and been cut loose by our publisher -- but hadn't yet given up hope of finding a new publisher, and selling more books, it was said in some quarters that Miller and Lee were "writer's writers" and as such would probably not be able to make a living, as writers. There's some precedence for this, as writers read differently than even experienced readers, and tend to be delighted by V. Strange Things™, and in general Just Aren't The Target Market.

There are a couple of cures for being a "writer's writer." One, of course, is to Take the Memo and quit writing. The other is to learn how to write to the market. We didn't do either of those things, either because (1) we're idiots (a theory that has some strong evidence supporting it), or (2) we knew that sometimes it takes longer than 2 years and/or 3 books to find a readership, and that, afforded enough time, we would find that readership.

So, here's my question -- actually TWO questions:

1. When did you -- yes, YOU -- start reading the Liaden Universe®, and!

2. Are you a writer?

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