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Theo Waitley has a lot of fans, and they write to us from time to time, politely pointing out that it's been, like, forever (or 2012, whichever comes first) since the latest installment of her story, and they wonder when the next Theo book will finally gladden their lives.

Sadly, because of how we write (organically, say some; chaotically, say others), we have not been able to answer this seemingly simple question.

Until now!

Now, we can say, with authority, that Theo will play a large part in The Gathering Edge, the 20th novel in the Liaden Universe®.  We've known this for a number of months, and I apologize for not saying so sooner, but, um, I'd forgotten it was an issue until, providentially, someone wrote to me, wondering when we were going to get around to continuing Theo's story, and I realized that this was a topic Of Interest to Many.

So, yes -- The Gathering Edge.  Theo.  Also the Uncle, Miri and Val Con, and -- oh, a number of folks, some of whom you won't meet until Alliance of Equals, which is kind of the bad news here.

See, Alliance of Equals is the 19th novel in the Liaden Universe®, and it's not a Theo novel.  It's a Shan novel, sort of -- possibly a Padi novel more than a Shan, but in that range.  It, too, features the Uncle, and those folks you haven't met yet, and it?

Is scheduled to be published on July 5, 2016.

We're writing The Gathering Edge now -- in fact, we just cracked 50,000 words (or passed the Theoretical Halfway Point, which sounds a little more encouraging, though its unlikely to be True) of the first-draft-and-a-half yesterday.  The final manuscript is due on Madame the Editor's desk in mid-February, 2016.

So, while there's a Theo novel on the road to publication -- yay! -- you've gotta use binoculars to see it.

I am not going to predict when Edge will be published.  Every time I produce my best guess for a date, Madame surprises me, so we'll  just say -- publication is expected after July 2016.

Here ends the PSA.

For the FB peeps, a rare photo of Scrabble, who, unfortunately, had her forcefield engaged:

Blurry Scrabble Nov 15 2015

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This is in the way of being a Public Service Announcement.

Alliance of Equals, the nineteenth novel in Sharon Lee and Steve Miller's long-running space opera set in the  Liaden Universe®!

Alliance of Equals, I say, has a (hardcover) publication date of July 5, 2016.  Yes, that is nine months from now.  No, there's not really anything we can do to "pressure" (cue laugh track) the publisher into releasing the novel earlier.  No, we will not sell you our final manuscript (to be fair, no one has asked to buy the Alliance manuscript, yet, but we've had such "offers" in the past, and, in the spirit of forestalling any more. . .).

And honestly, even if there was a way to "pressure" the publisher into releasing the book early?  We wouldn't do it, because -- we'd like our book to get a calm editorial reading and a thorough edit -- and so would you.

Now, yes, Baen does often release eArcs of new novels ahead of the hardcover publication date, but they don't release the eArcs six months ahead.  And what if they did, and you got the book now?  Have you really thought this out?  Because if you got Alliance of Equals, now?  You'd be in the same pickle, only worse, for The Gathering Edge, which we're writing, now; and which is scheduled to be handed in on February 15, 2016.  Figure 11 months out for hardcover publication -- that's January 2017, at the earliest.  So, really, do you even want to go there?

Anyhow, we were given a general rule of thumb from the publisher, which is:  Expect the eArc (if any) to be released around the time you, the authors, receive your authors' proofs.  We receive our authors' proofs anywhere from two to three months ahead of the hardcover publication date, so, counting backward from July:  June. May. April. . . .with April being the soonest you might see an eArc and mid-May about the latest.

Now!  Baen does release sample chapters on the Baen website when a book becomes available for preorder.  I actually don't know when books typically go up for preorder; historically, Amazon has been the driver, and Amazon used to put books up for preorder as soon as they heard a whisper of even a tentative pub date from a publisher, never mind a final schedule.

Steve and I are in something of an odd geography in this whole situation of release dates and reader demand.  On the one hand, it's lovely that people are eager for our newest work.  Really, it is.  But, the wheels of publishing grind as they do.  Baen publishes authors other than Lee and Miller, who also deserve to have their books receive a calm editorial reading and a thorough edit. And even if we "quit trad publishing and go indie," as has been suggested by some avid fans -- we probably wouldn't write any faster.  In fact, I'm betting our production would slow down, because we'd have to do all the stuff that the staff at Baen does for us, in addition to writing the novels.

While I accept that there are folks out there who can write a strong, salable book in an afternoon, and writers who consistently write and see published four or six books a year with no reduction of quality -- Lee and Miller are not those authors.  We have never been those authors*.  A book a year is a comfortable writing pace for us; a pace that allows us to reflect, and to layer in the details and back-stories that readers have told us make the Liaden Universe® novels "special" and "very re-readable."  We value these things about our work, as you do, and we don't want to slight the characters, our readers, or ourselves.

So. . .thank you for reading our work; thank you for supporting our work; thank you for recommending our work to your friends and colleagues.  Thank you for treating the release of every new Liaden novel and story as a cause for celebration -- we feel that way, too.

But, we really are writing as fast as we can; the publisher is publishing as fast as they can.  We're all hostages to the constraints of linear time.
*Back in 2007, we were those writers, briefly.  We wrote six books in 18 months, while I was working a full-time job.  It was an insane, stressful time, when the only thing we did was write, eat cheese sandwiches at the computer, snatch three hours of sleep before going to the day-job -- and at the end of it, neither one of us had an ounce of creative energy left.  I have no idea how people work to that level, constantly -- all honor to them.  What we learned from that experience was -- we can write books fast, briefly, or we can write books at a more leisurely pace, for years to come.  We chose the latter.

Placeholder picture of Belle, for the Facebook peeps:
Stop taking my picture hooman cats are trying to sleep here Oct 13 2015

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This is in the nature of a catch-up post.

For those who have been following along with the numbers game at home, the latest information garnered from the latest blood test is that the 1 mg dose of thyroid medicine is a winner.  The poor pituitary has stopped with overtime manufacturing of kick-me hormones for the thyroid, and the thyroid is producing numbers in the normal range without being kicked, and -- this being the important part -- I am fully awake and at optimum crankiness and sarcasm levels for the first time in. . .years.

Come to think of it, that should serve as a Public Service Announcement.


Also -- this repeats news shared on Facebook yesterday evening -- I have successfully concluded a project years in the making -- a ceiling fan in my office.  I'm so happy -- I can't tell you.  Here's a picture:


. . .isn't it BEAUtiful?


I have been reminded to remind y'all that!  Registration for BaltiCon 50, held over Memorial Day Weekend, May 27-30, 2016, at the Renaissance Baltimore Harborplace Hotel, is now open.  Here's the direct link.

In addition to Guests of Honor George RR Martin, John Picacio, Bill and Gretchen Roper, and Martin Deutsch and Shirley Avery, BaltiCon 50 aims to welcome back as many of the con's previous Guests of Honors as are interested and able to come.  So far, 21 Alumni GoHs have agreed to return for BaltiCon's 50th anniversary, including Steve and me (Writer GoHs, BaltiCon 37, 2003).

This is a big, big project, and BaltiCon is asking for your help in funding the travel for the returning GoHs.  There's a donation page here, where you may donate to your favorite GoHs.  (Yes, I know that Steve and I are listed separately; I don't know what's up with that, but at the bottom line, I don't think it actually matters.)

BaltiCon 50 is also selling a limited edition promotional tshirt in order to raise funds.  You can view and/or purchase a tshirt here.

Finally, for all the latest news about BaltiCon 50, you can sign up for the Twitter feed:  @balticon50


This is a Hard Writing Weekend, which means I'll be somewhat scarce on the web.  The beginning of next week includes an interview, and a visit from the generator guy, as well as Yet Another Phone Call to the health insurance company, which seems stuck in an Endless Loop of sending me a form I've now filled out and returned three times, while at the same time being unable to generate a monthly invoice.  Sigh.  Also, the Colby Art Museum is hosting an Open House on Thursday evening.  I always like to go to the Art Open House.  So, not an insanely busy week, but busy enough with mundane things -- and writing, too.


Extra credit paragraph:  From the Department of Anthropomorphism, Cats Are Not Social Committee, we have the following Observer Report.

This morning, I was sitting at the kitchen table finishing the wonderful tuna melt Steve had made for breakfast.  I have a direct line of sight into the living room from my place at the kitchen table, and was able to see Trooper in the cat hammock, Belle stretched out on the rug close to the kitchen, near, but not on, the cat scratchers.  Sprite walked into the living room, fell on Belle, cleaned her up, cleaned herself, up, cleaned Belle up and in due time, as frequently happens, the grooming morphed into a wrasslin' match.

This morning's match was. . .vigorous.  Sprite broke twice, but came back, and Belle, seeming slightly put-upon, finally threw her Whole Being into the thing, grabbing Sprite around the waist and kicking her in the stomach.  There were no growls, but Belle, at least, was clearly intent on teaching Sprite a lesson, rather than savoring the Joy of the Wrassle.

Sprite tried to break a third time -- Belle wouldn't let her.  Sprite renewed her efforts to get free, Belle held her closer.  I was on the edge of producing a loud, "Ahem!" when. . .

Trooper jumped down from the hammock and approached the melee.

Belle let go of Sprite and twisted to her feet to face him; Sprite escaped to the hall, where she sat down and began to groom her shoulder.  Trooper walked directly up to Belle, tail slightly higher than straight behind, but not a full upward sweep, and put his nose against hers.  She allowed this -- then swatted him in the head.

Trooper went back a couple steps and walked carefully around her, as if he was going to go check on Sprite.  In fact, he paused by the television stand, where he could see her in the hall, cleaning up, stroked his cheek against the wood a couple times, turned, and went back to the cat hammock.

Belle began to bathe.

I stood up and got myself another cup of coffee.


Everybody have a nice weekend.

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Con-going fans know Larry Smith and Sally Kobee well as Larry Smith, Bookseller. They were in an accident on the way home from DragonCon, and their van has been totaled by the insurance company, for a very small percentage of what a new van will cost. In addition, Larry was in the hospital for a couple days after the van rolled, for observation. They're home now, with their stock, which they're slowly sorting through to see what's still salable.

Steve adds more details:

We can't tell you how much Larry and Sally at Larry Smith Books have helped us over the years. Just no way to add everything up in dollars and cents since-- besides carrying our big publisher books for years, even having some in stock much of the time we were out of public view between publishers -- they also carried our chapbooks when I was running SRM Publisher.

There were conventions where chapbook sales through Larry Smith Books covered our meals, and conventions where Larry and Sally took us to supper of an evening. There were also cons where Larry had no time to go to dinner, since he often runs dealer's rooms, and sometimes even runs convention bids....

At one convention (where the con chair didn't know us and hence would give us no program items, no readings, and no signings) it was Larry Smith who invited us behind his table (which never happens) where we signed for so long NESFA went out and bought us lunch. Yes, it was Larry Smith who helped prove that there was indeed "pent-up demand" for our Liaden books and our other work.

Our story is not unique. Larry and Sally and their crew have served convention fandom for decades, helping readers and writers across many interest areas, across many years.

We salute Larry Smith Books, and hope you join us in supporting this effort to keep the books rolling.

Here's the link to the GoFundMe Page. NOTE: The campaign was started, on behalf of Larry and Sally, by Marcia Kelly Illingworth, who is known to us personally as a reliable person.

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Warning first, because that's fair.

Do not try me today.
I really mean this.
I have no spoons, but I have lots of knives.
Thank you for your attention.

Now, Updates!

1.  The Gift of Magic, an echapbook collecting two stories previously published on, "The Gift of Music," and "The night don't seem so lonely," is now available in the Kindle and the Nook stores at Amazon/BN respectively.

1a.  Yes, I know the stories are individually available on the web for free.  Thank you.

1b.  I am exploring the possibility of publishing this chapbook to other ebook venues, and will make an announcement if and when exploration comes to fruition.  Yes, I know about Smashwords, thank you.  I have also recently been pointed at Draft to Digital, thank you.

1c. The Gift of Magic is dignified as Archers Beach #5.  The Archers Beach books are, in order:

Archers Beach ONE: Carousel Tides
Archers Beach TWO: Carousel Sun
Archers Beach THREE: Carousel Seas
Archers Beach FOUR: Surfside
Archers Beach FIVE: The Gift of Magic

2.  A Liaden Universe® Constellation Volume III is now available as an ebook in the Nook and Kindle stores.  It may also be available in the ebook store you prefer; it's worth checking out the possibility.

2a.  The paper edition of Constellation III is due to be in stores on August 4.

2b.  Those who preordered signed/personalized editions from Uncle Hugo, be of good heart.  The books have not yet arrived here at the Confusion Factory, but we expect them at any moment.  As soon as they do arrive, be assured that we will sign and personalized just as quickly as we're able, and will get the books back on the road to Minneapolis so that they can be mailed to you.

2c.  Yes, the book includes only reprints of short stories. No, I don't know why Baen doesn't publish the TOC in the book summary.  The stories included are:

Code of Honor (Splinter Universe, 2014)
Eleutherious (, 2013)
Guaranteed Delivery (Splinter Universe, 2011)
Intelligent Design (, 2011)
Kin Ties (Splinter Universe, 2011)
King of the Cats (SRM Publisher, Ltd., 2002 in The Cat's Job)
Landed Alien (, 2012)
Moon's Honor (Splinter Universe, 2013)
Out of True (, 2013)
Roving Gambler (Splinter Universe, 2014)
The Rifle's First Wife (Splinter Universe, 2014)
The Space at Tinsori Light (Splinter Universe, 2011)

3.  We hear through the grapevine that Offworld Designs has begun shipping Tree-and-Dragon shirts to those people who ordered.  They are now in the process of compiling a big enough pile of orders to do a second printing/embroidering.  Here's the search page for the Liaden items available.  Please note that it is a search page; you must click on the image of the shirt of  your choice in order to get detailed information.

3a.  Yes, the only shirt color at this time is black.  Yes, the thread/printing is gold.  No, I'm sorry, there are no ladies tees available at this time.

4.  The Nature Conservancy reports a successful treatment for White Nose Syndrome, which has been killing off the bat population at breathtaking rates.  Here's your link.

4a.  Yes, I am aware that some people loathe and revile bats.  I am not one of them.

5. Sprite and Belle had Second Breakfast together this morning:

Second Breakfast at the Cat Farm July 24 2015.  Sprite (l), Belle (r)Second Breakfast at the Cat Farm July 24 2015. Sprite (l), Belle (r)

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This came in email; I assume it's been sent to all Baen .mobi customers

Dear Baen Ebooks customer,

Starting on or about June 10, 2015, Baen Ebooks will no longer be able to provide automatic delivery of the .mobi format to a Kindle device via the "Email book to my Kindle" feature. We have just learned that to comply with Amazon's Terms of Use, Baen Ebooks cannot use Amazon's Personal Documents Service to deliver paid content.

Baen Ebooks will still offer the "Mobi/Palm/Kindle" format with every Ebook we sell. If you want to read that format on a Kindle, there is only one change: You can no longer send the Ebook directly to your Kindle from our site. You can, however, still email your .mobi Ebook to your Kindle by following these directions:

  1. Log in to your Amazon Kindle account and Amazon Kindle Manager.

  2. In Amazon Kindle Manager, add your personal email address to your list of approved senders under Manage Your Content and Devices Settings.

  3. Log in to your account on Baen Ebooks and navigate to your purchased Ebook's product page.

  4. Click "Email book to my Kindle."

  5. Enter your personal email address into the email address box.

  6. Press send.

  7. Check your email. You should receive an email from with a .mobi file attached.

  8. Forward this email to your Kindle, making sure the .mobi file remains attached. Within 15 minutes, your Ebook should be on your Kindle.

For more information on how to load Baen Ebooks onto your Kindle device, check out our Ereader Instruction page:

If you have any questions about how to access the Kindle Ebooks you've purchased from Baen, please email us at

We are very sorry for any inconvenience this change causes. Thank you for your patience and support of Baen Books.

Baen Ebooks Web Team

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Q.  Amazon cancelled my order/I cancelled my order for the signed edition of Dragon Ship.  Are there any left anywhere within the expanding confines of the existing universe?

A. Yes!  Uncle Hugo's Science Fiction Bookstore in Minneapolis still has signed copies of Dragon Ship on hand.  Here's your link to the Lee and Miller catalog page.  You'll have to scroll down.

Q.  Are signed editions of Necessity's Child going to be available?

A.  Yes!  You may preorder it now, in fact.  In light of the kerfuffle surrounding the Dragon Ship signed editions, and Amazon's total customer service Fail in the event, I would strongly suggest pre-ordering your signed edition from Uncle Hugo's.   Here's that link again.  This time you're lucky; Necessity's Child is right at the top of the page. Yes, the book "costs more" from Uncle.  On the other hand, not having to deal with the uncertainty and frustration engendered by Amazon's curious lapse has got to be worth a buck or two.

Bonus A.  First chapter of Necessity's Child, right over here.

Bonus A #2.  No, we don't know when Baen will release the eArc.  The last we heard, via a reader, was late October-ish to mid-November-ish.

Q.  I totally missed getting a hardcover of Ghost Ship before it sold out.  Are there any left anywhere within the expanding confines of the existing universe?

A.  Yes!  Uncle Hugo's reports have 40 Ghost Ship hardcovers on hand.  The link, one! more! time.  Yep, you'll need to scroll down.

 Q.  I read the splinter of The Cards of Fortunate Destiny on Splinter Universe.  Will you be completing that novel?

A.  No.

Q.  How about getting a co-author to write it with you?  It would be, like, half the work for you!

A.  No.  You will have noticed that I have a co-author, and I know that collaboration is not "half as much work" for anyone involved.

Q. What's with Trade Secrets?

A.  Steve's working on it.  It had to be gutted and re-visioned -- much like Balance of Trade, as I recall.  Teenagers!

Q.  When will the sequel to The Tomorrow Log be published?

A.  My best, conservative, guess is?  Never.

...I think that's caught up what I have in email and other places 'round the net.

If you have a question I haven't answered, please ask in comments.  I will answer, though it may take me as much as a day.


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I really didn't think I need to publish a policy statement for this, but I'm told that "most authors don't mind" the behavior discussed below.  As it turns out, I very much mind this behavior, so!


Sharon Lee and Steve Miller are delighted to meet and chat with their readers at conventions, readings, and similar events, and to sign their books, as time and the constraints of the event permit.  We are committed to being accessible to our readers.  We really like you guys, right?

However.  When we retire to the Cat Farm and Confusion Factory, we are on, as the union used to have it, Our Own Time.  We willingly engage with our readers via a number of online outlets, we publish contact email addresses so that readers may ask questions, and a Post Office Box address for folks who prefer paper.

We do not publish our home address as a contact.  The internet being the internet, I'm sure it's there to be found. What folks from cities don't quite seem to grasp, though, is that we live in the country.  Mail that doesn't fit into our mailbox is simply left on top of it, open to the weather.  As we also live in Maine, that weather can sometimes be quite challenging.  Not to say, wet.  Sending anything to the home address is really just putting whatever it is to additional, unnecessary risk.

Everybody comfortable with the above?

OK, now we get to the:

Policy Statement

Sharon Lee and Steve Miller do not, as a policy, encourage anyone to send books through the mail for us to sign.  In point of fact, we don't want anyone to send books through the mail for us to sign.  I'm being as clear as possible, here.

If, despite the above statement, you feel that you must make the attempt, the proper protocol is:

1.  Write to either Steve or myself at one of our widely available email addresses, on Facebook, at Live Journal, or mail a paper letter to the PO Box address, asking if it's all right for you to send X number of books for signature.

1a.  We will most likely say "no," but we will answer a civil inquiry.  Do not assume that we will say "yes," and mail the books before you receive our answer.  This will only cork us -- well, me; Steve's a lot more even-tempered than I am -- off.

2.  If, against all odds, we agree to receive your books, and sign them, please send them properly packaged for travel, and include with them a stamped, self-addressed envelope of a size and kind that will easily and safely accommodate  your books for the return journey.

3.  Unless we've discussed this with you in depth, do not send anything to our home.  Not even a surprise.  Especially a surprise.  Just. . .don't.  It's creepy.

Thank you for your attention to the above.

For those looking for signed editions:  Signed editions of our books are often available through Uncle Hugo's Bookstore.  If Uncle doesn't have a signed copy in stock, you may contact our local bookstore, Childrens Book Cellar.  We have an arrangement with Ellen where we will stop by and sign books for which the customer has requested a signature.

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1.  "Landed Alien," a short story about Kara ven'Arith is this month's Free Story on the Baen website (you need to scroll down).  It will be available there until September 15, and then be retired to the Free Library.

2.  Dragon Ship, the fourth book of Theo Waitley, is now available from Baen in the ebook format of your choice.

3.  Geek Girl Project continues their Books for Writers series with a review of Carpe Diem, by Lee and Miller.

4.  Necessity's Child is not (that is NOT​) the sequel to Dragon Ship.  Since it is already written, turned in, and scheduled for publication -- three conditions that the sequel(s) to Dragon Ship do not at this time meet -- it is Extremely Doubtful that we will "tell our publisher" to release the sequel next.  Sorry 'bout that.

4a.  Necessity's Child is actually a darn good book; I like it, and a handful of other folks who read SF, including James Burton, Jaine Fenn, Dave Freer, Todd McCaffrey, Steve Miller, Elizabeth Moon, and Toni Weisskopf like it, too.  I don't think you'll be disappointed. 

4b.  The proposals for the books following Dragon Ship are on Madame the Agent's desk.  We'll tell you if/when they've been accepted by Baen.  Until then, you now know as much about this as we do.  Feel better?

5.  AsyouknowBob, the Cat Farm and Confusion Factory experienced an Epic Flood a couple weeks ago.  We, by which I mean Steve and I, have been Coping With The Mess Left Behind (the cats providing encouragement, in between naps), which means that, yes, I'm behind on my email.  And just about everything else.  Thank you for your understanding.

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I'm sorry, folks.  It was OK for a couple of weeks, but the viagra and handbag spam are back -- this time in Russian. I can't keep up with shutting them down, so -- Anonymous commenting is going to be turned off as soon as I hit "Post" on this message.

If you want to comment here, you'll need to get a free LJ account, or a Facebook account, or a Google Circles account or a...Merchant ID? account?  A discussion of the various non-anonymous methods of posting here would be welcome, since I'm clearly not informed.

I understand that many regular anonymous posters have strong feelings about not signing up for this or that or the other thing, and I have tried to accomodate that, but at this point -- no can do.

Thank you for your understanding.
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I hope that those who celebrate had a satisfying Fourth of July.  We here at the Cat Farm had a working holiday, breaking early to view John Carter of Mars.  Among other things, this has produced an urge to re-read A Princess of Mars, which is now sitting on the kitchen table.

From the mailbag, we have news from David Mattingly, who created the wonderful covers for Mouse and Dragon, Saltation, Ghost Ship, and Dragon Ship among a mountain of other fine covers and art.  David has just finished producing an online tutorial  about digital matte painting.  Here's the course description:

The course shows how to turn a summer daytime scene into a wintry nightscape using Photoshop and After Effects. Well-known author, teacher and illustrator David Mattingly demonstrates his production-proven matte painting techniques. David shows how to take a plate, or a still shot from a film, and alter key elements to change the season and time of day.  Using advance digital matte painting methods, David will remove all of the greenery from the mountains, fields and trees, and cover them with snow. Then he will replace the sky, and add realistic touches such as chimney smoke, icicles and night-lit windows.  In the final chapters, you'll discover how to create an animated version that cross-dissolves between the two versions.

You can find the tutorial here: charges for access to their online training, but you can view a sample of the video tutorial even if you are not a member.
In other news, yet another Disambiguation Notice, this one having to do with the relationship between Ghost Ship, originally published by Baen Books in August 2011; and the short story "Prodigal Son," which first appeared in the chapbook Allies:  Adventures in the Liaden Universe® Number 12, originally published in November 2006, by SRM Publisher, Ltd.
As you can see from the publication dates, "Prodigal Son" is clearly not a chapter of Ghost Ship that was withheld by the authors so that it could be published separately.  In point of Actual Fact, "Prodigal Son," along with "Lord of the Dance,"  were written well before we even dreamed of writing Ghost Ship, and, frankly, both were thorns in the sides of the authors, as we tried to square What Had Been Written with What Must Be Written.
We did struggle to bring the novel into line with both stories, but in the end, the narrative could only accommodate "Son."  Realizing this, Steve and I, as the authors, made the necessary ghod-like decision -- that the storyline of a novel trumps the storyline of a short story, thereby making "Lord of the Dance" author-written Liaden fan fic.  It's still a nice story and we like it very much, but it is no longer, as we say, True.
More later, I think.  Now, I have an appointment to chat with the narrator for the Crystal books.
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Here’s the link — there’s video and a transcript.

Originally published at Sharon Lee, Writer. You can comment here or there.

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1.  Mr. Blyly at Uncle Hugo’s reports that, of the 400 signed editions of Dragon Ship assigned to his care, 225 were placed in the first 48 hours of the pre-order period.  This leaves only ONE HUNDRED SEVENTY-FIVE (175) books left for adoption.  If you were planning on pre-ordering a signed edition of Lee-and-Miller’s Dragon Ship, the exciting! follow-on to Ghost Ship — you really do need to act with alacrity.
Here’s the link to the Rules of Pre-ordering
Here’s the link to PRE-ORDER NOW

2.  We have thus far collected, through February sales of The Cat’s Job, $135.93 in donations to Planned Parenthood for their breast cancer screening program.  Thank you all for your generosity.  For those coming in late, here’s the original post for this fund-raiser, which runs through Leap Day, Wednesday, February 29

3.  Judy Tarr, writing as Judith Tarr, author of manymany fine books, as you don’t need me to tell you, has launched a Kickstarter campaign to fund the second draft and the artwork for her novel Living in Threes.  For a five-buck buy-in supporters will receive an ebook edition of the completed work.  Judy was asking for a paltry $3,500 to fund this project, and she only lacks $1,290 to hit her goal, three days into the campaign.  This?  Is where the fun starts.  I wonder how high over the goal this project will leap.  Go on over and give Judy a boost, why not?  Here’s the link.

4.  I? Scrod the ankle yesterday and so today I’ll be writing from the couch, on The Leewit.  I’ll be checking in from time to time, so tell me something cool in comments, to help take my mind off my troubles.  In the meantime — fascinating stuff in the reading thread!

5.  What?  It’s the discount edition.

Originally published at Sharon Lee, Writer. You can comment here or there.

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…so they’ll stop nibbling me.

Got to the gym, did exercise, came home, iced ankle, put out some minor fires, and spent a lot of time staring at the screen.  Words finally appeared; I wanted more, but Words are good, and I’m still easing my way back into the narrative.  Different story than Dragon Ship; and very different characters.

On the health front, Steve is on the mend, which means his cold is worse, of course, though English would have it that his cold is better.  Silly language.

Oh, and hey!  The up-front money for the German editions of I Dare arrived today.  Yay! for checks in the mail.

Adverts and self-promotion follow.  You have been warned.

Remember that we’ll be donating the proceeds of February sales of the eChapbook The Cat’s Job to Planned Parenthood, for breast cancer screening.  The full story, with links, is here.  So far, donations total $120.17.  Thanks to everyone for their support.

Also!  It’s not too late to participate in the SFSite’s Reader Poll for the Best Novel of 2011.  Here’s the linkGhost Ship by Sharon Lee and Steve Miller was published in August 2011.  Just sayin’.

Also, also!  The Locus 2011 poll about everything SFnal is here.  You do not need to be a subscriber to vote.  You do not need to choose from the titles Locus has helpfully provided from their own reviewers’ lists of Best Books of the year; there are ample blank spaces provided for write-in votes.  Please only vote once, and please be truthful about your gender.  Here’s a list of eligible Lee-and-Miller, and Miller, work, just to help you with your decision-making.

And!  Last also — the Hugo Award Nominations are now open.  If you were an attending member of RenoVation last year, or are a supporting/attending member of Chicon this year, you may nominate works for the final ballot.  If you want to play, here’s the link .  That list of eligible Lee-and-Miller, and Miller, works, above, is going to be handy, here, too.


Progress on Necessity’s Child
(the book formerly known as George)

71,858/100,000 words OR 71.86% complete

“Oh, if it is something your grandmother has said I can’t know, I don’t mind,” he said. “There are House secrets, after all. It must be very difficult to remember which House you are in.”

Originally published at Sharon Lee, Writer. You can comment here or there.

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Article here.

We have so far raised $44.62 for Planned Parenthood through sales of The Cat's Job. Thank you.  As we said yesterday, we will be donating the proceeds of February sales of The Cat's Job to Planned Parenthood, and, yes, we are still Doing That.

If you would prefer to donate to Planned Parenthood directly, here's that link again.

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Doncha just gotta love a big gorilla that makes changes to its agreement which are effective February 2, 2012, and which arrives in your email inbox (so says my timestamp) at 11:58 p.m. on February 2, 2012?

Anyhow, for those who partake -- adjustments have been made to the Associates Agreement.  Do the right thing and read them.
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Pat Rothfuss (aka author Patrick Rothfuss) runs a charity called Worldbuilders, that raises money for Heifer International .  This year's fundraiser goes over at midnight on February 7, and there are still lots of cool gifts and raffle items available for those who donate.  To make things sweeter, Worldbuilders is matching 50% of all donations made until the end of the fundraiser, and! for every $10 donated, people get a chance in a raffle for a whole bunch of really awesome books.  Check out the blog post here

The annual SF Site Readers Choice Awards nomination period is open! until March 9.  Rules and how to nominate the best books of 2011 here   (psst!  Ghost Ship by Sharon Lee and Steve Miller was published in August, 2011).

I direct the attention of my fellow SFWANs to "The Space at Tinsori Light," as a novelette worthy of Nebula consideration. It may presently be read for free here

The excellent Dirk van den Boom, translator extraodinaire, sends along this link to his blog, featuring the cover art for the first half of the German Edition of I Dare, available from Verlag Atlantis in Summer 2012.

And that's all I've got.
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Because of the large increase in spam hitting back entries in this journal over the last week, and because I will be traveling, I have DISABLED anonymous comment posting.  This means that only registered users of LJ will be able to post comments to entries here.  The posts themselves will remain public and anyone can read them. 

I apologize to those regular anonymous posters whom this housekeeping detail will inconvenience, but Necessity Exists.
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PSA:  Several Concerned Readers have written privately; this is for those who may wonder in silence:

Yes, to the best of my knowledge and belief, the mass market edition of Carousel Tides by Sharon Lee will be in stores at the end of the January.  No, I don't know why it's not in the publisher's catalog; I haven't seen the publisher's catalog, and don't write the publisher's catalog.

Thanks very much for your interest.

State of the Rolanni:
Ankle's still sprained.  In technicolor.  It hurts. Actually, all of me hurts. Also? I can't walk.  To say that this does not make me happy is. . .an understatement.

. . .yeah. . .

Because of the fall, and the fallout from the fall, I've gotten behind on the very, very necessary daily quota of words for Dragon Ship.  To say that this does not make me happy is. . .well, you know the drill.

The Leewit in the news:
As reported elsewhere -- It comes about that the original ASUS netbook software, otherwise known as The Leewit's brains, was not upgradable, and would not accept upgrades of on-board software.  Steve has therefore very kindly performed a brainectomy, and The Leewit as of this writing has Linux Mint brains, which appear to be functioning just fine, thank you.  Also, I get to dork around with the screen color, fonts and other preferences, which is soothing, in a playing-with-your-dollhouse kind of way.

Random Kvetching:
In the arena of Stoopid Amazon Tricks. . .

That check they sent me in error, after deducting  the $15 fee for cutting a paper check, has arrived.  It's for a total of!

Seventeen cents.

Now I know why they thought I might have some trouble cashing it.

Also!  A couple weeks ago now, in the email transmitting royalties from Amazon to myself, was an instruction to sign into my Vendor Account  at insertwebaddresshere, in order to view "all my information."  I had never opened a Vendor Account, but I am nothing if not obedient to Amazon's every wish and whim, so off I went, in order to view "all my information."

Except that my password didn't work and I had no note of a password for this particular site, having never actually been there before and so I banged around until I found a contact form and wrote Support a message.  Support wrote back, asking me to send the email that included the instructions, which I did. 

A couple days later, I got a note from Support telling me I had to log into my account at Vendor Account in order to send them the requested information; correspondence sent by email to the originating address would not arrive.  I ignored it.  A couple days later?  Same message.  This morning?  Amazon is closing the inquiry since I haven't logged into my account and provided them with the information they asked for.  And they included in that letter a link to Did We Answer Your Question and Did We Fail to Answer Your Question.  On the FAIL page there was a comment box.

Yes, I did relieve my feelings.

Coon Cat Logic:
Mozart is being so! very! pleased! about getting all this bonus time on the couch that I'm beginning to think he paid off Quiet and Louder to hose down the hill.

State of the Steve:
Steve is cooking, doing the laundry, washing dishes, tending cat boxes, and performing the occasional, necessary brainectomy. 

. . .which kind of brings us full circle.

How's things at your house?

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And! as the fat little snowflakes drift lazily down from the grey sky, let us pause to consider where and how best to buy Reading Matter from Lee and Miller, and Lee, for those readers on your Holiday Gift Giving List.

Paper books: 

For the first time in. . .a lot of years, the entire Liaden Universe® backlist is in print.  You lucky people, you.  Books are available from your favorite local bookstore and online booksellers.  Here are the titles:

The Dragon Variation:  includes Local Custom, Scout’s Progress, Conflict of Honors

The Agent Gambit:  includes Agent of Change, Carpe Diem

Korval’s Game: includes Plan B, I Dare

The Crystal Variation: includes Crystal Soldier, Crystal Dragon, Balance of Trade

Fledgling — Book One detailing the life and times of Theo Waitley

Saltation – Theo Waitley, Book Two

Mouse and Dragon — Sequel to Scout’s Progress

Ghost Ship — Sequel to BOTH Saltation and I Dare (note:  Amazon is sold out of this book.  Uncle Hugo’s SF store has signed copies available.  They do mail order, but you need to act FAST.)

Also in print and available from the bookstore of your choice are:

Carousel Tides, by Sharon Lee — contemporary fantasy set in a down-on-its-luck Maine resort town.  A haunted carousel, selkies, the ghost of an Abenaki warrior — what’s not to love?

Duainfey, by Sharon Lee and Steve Miller –  Book One of the Fey Duology.  Dark fantasy about a young human girl who becomes a pawn in a plot to overthrow the Fey Queen.

Longeye, by Sharon Lee and Steve Miller — Book Two of the Fey Duology.

In print, but available from Lulu only:

Barnburner, by Sharon Lee –  Mystery set in the fictional town of Wimsy, Maine, featuring Jennifer Pierce, intrepid reporter, and Fox, a lord of cyberspace.

Gunshy, by Sharon Lee — the second book of Jen and Fox.

Here’s the link to a page from which these books may be ordered


Carousel Tides, by Sharon Lee, narrated by Elisabeth Rodgers, published by Audible.

Local Custom, by Sharon Lee and Steve Miller, narrated by Michael Shanks, published by Buzzy Multimedia


Every! Single! Liaden Universe®! Novel! EVER PUBLISHED is available in the ebook format of your choice! from Baen Books.  Here’s a link to the Lee and Miller, and Lee, page.  

Every! Single! Liaden Universe®! Short Story! published by SRM Publisher through February 2011 (Adventures in the Liaden Universe® Volumes 1-17) is available in the ebook format of your choice!  Here’s a link to Pinbeam Books, where every title is listed, with the stories included in each, and handy links to each title at  BN, Amazon and Smashwords.  Other stories are also available.  Take a couple minutes and check out the site.

Barnburner and Gunshy, by Sharon Lee (see descriptions, above) are available in the ebook format of your choice from Fictionwise.  Here’s a link to the page from which these volumes may be purchased.

Edited to add:  Both Baen Books and BN offer gift cards for electronic books.  Here’s the link to Baen’s cardHere’s the link to BN’s card. 

Splinter Universe Stories:

Three Liaden Universe® stories are available to be read for free (though donations are gratefully accepted), as well as a story by Steve, plus various splinters, notes, and outtakes from novels.  Here’s the link.

There now, wasn’t that easy?

Thank you all! for your support, your attention, and your care over the years.  You guys are the best.

Originally published at Sharon Lee, Writer. You can comment here or there.

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